SD West and the Jolt Awards

Brian Harry

On Monday of this week I was in San Jose at the SD West conference to give a keynote.  I’m told that a couple of years ago we (Microsoft) gave a “marketing” keynote and the audience was extremely dissatisfied.  So I went in with a very different approach.  I did a talk on our experiences building TFS, a high scale enterprise ready, production server on .NET and SQL Server.  I talked about all of the challenges we hit, mistakes we made along the way and amazing results we finally achieved.  I also talked about the lessons learned – things to watch out for, etc when building a really high scale 3 tier app like this.  I think I’ll blog the talk in the near future.  Anyway, I think I may have gone a bit too technical.  I haven’t seen the session feedback but based on the tenor in the room afterwards, I’d say some people really liked it and others came up to me saying – “you know, I’ve never really had to deal with issues at that level before.  My SQL queries are always just fast enough and I never really have to spend any time tuning them, thinking about data organization, etc”.  Oh well, I hope enough people got something out of it.  I think maybe next time I talk at this kind of show, instead I’ll talk about development process.  There’s a lot I’ve learned about development process over the last 12 years here and it seems to be a pretty hot topic at conferences like this these days.  Anyway…  I had to leave after my talk to go to Redmond but a couple of days later Dr Dobbs announced the winners of this years Jolt awards.  I’m thrilled to say: Team Edition for Database Professionals won the Jolt “Product Excellence Award” in the DB Engines and Data Tools category and Team Foundation Server won a productivity award in the Change and Configuration Management category lastly and certainly not leastly… .NET 3.0 and IronPython also won productivity awards. I’m really happy to see that TFS was recognized in this category even though it’s kind of an odd fit in any category.  TFS is really a broad development platform collaboration product and change & configuration management is only a fraction of what the product does.  And I’m really thrilled for the DBPro team.  They’ve worked so hard to produce a killer product – it’s really fantastic to see that people are really lov’in it. Brian



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