Proof point for improved TFS 2010 manageability

Brian Harry

As you know we’re a big believer in dogfooding the products we are building and TFS has a long history of it.  Dogfooding of TFS 2010 started even before Beta 1 shipped, both inside our team and with a few other groups in Microsoft.  One of those groups was a team in MSIT that was particularly interested in trying out the new testing capabilities.

Some time ago, we decided we needed to decommission the server that this MSIT team was using and more them to a more recent build in the process.  There were some process delays in getting a new server setup in MSIT so we decided to move the MSIT Team Project collection onto the DevDiv “Pioneer” dogfood server as a temporary measure.

Yesterday, I got mail about the completion of that process and it made me feel good so I figured I’d pass it along…


Earlier today, we:

· took a backup of the Telecom Pre-Beta1 DB off their dogfood server,

· restored it to a temporary Beta2 RTM instance,

· fixed it up a little (since it was pre-beta1),

· copied the upgraded databases to a clean server,

· upgraded it again to the 21207.00 Pioneer build,

· then detached from that instance and attached as a new collection in Pioneer.

This is a great testament to the robustness of the upgrade scripts and the ETM collection flexibility.





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