October DevDiv TFS Dogfood Statistics

Brian Harry

A lot has been happening this last month.  We’ve pretty much locked down TFS2005 SP1 and have been making good progress on the Orcas release.  A couple of weeks ago I posted about the performance improvements coming in Orcas – the picture there only continues to get better as we continue to find small things to tune.  In the next few weeks (whenever I can get around to finalizing the write up) I plan to post a roadmap for Orcas and the release that follows it, including a pretty comprehensive list of features for Orcas. We’re working to get SP1 deployed on our dogfood server this week.  Most of the fixes have already been deployed as patches but we want to deploy the “official SP” before we ship it to make sure all is well.  We’re also working on a plan for when we are going to deploy an Orcas build to the dogfood server and that’s looking like it’s going to be Dec or Jan. In the meantime, dogfood server usage continues to grow at a surprisingly fast clip.  Among the notable milestones this month…

  • Frequent users grew by more than 100 to 872
  • The number of work item versions passed the 1,000,000 mark
  • Total activity in the last 7 days hit an all time high of over 31 million requests

Here’s a few graphs charting some top line stats…

  and here’s the full list of stats…


  • Recent users: 872 (up 130)
  • Users with assigned work items: 2,312 (up 90)
  • Version control users: 1,681 (up 90)

Work items

  • Work items: 131,857 (up 10,000)
  • Areas & Iterations: 6,668 (up 150)
  • Work item versions: 1,051,352 (up 90,000)
  • Attached files: 42,362 (up 4,000)
  • Queries: 12,132 (up 700)

Version control

  • Files/Folders: 62,124,650/12,423,257 (up 7M/1.3M)
  • LocalVersion: 244M (up 43M)
  • Total compressed file sizes: 328.1G (up 33G)
  • Workspaces: 3,039 (up 350)
  • Shelvesets: 4,883 (up 850)
  • Checkins: 133,662 (up 9,000)
  • Pending changes: 984,060 (up 300,000)

Commands (last 7 days)

  • Work Item queries: 575,817 (down 170,000)
  • Work Item updates: 146,113 (up 64,000)
  • Work Item opens: 336,538 (up 61,000)
  • Gets: 159,084 (up 125,000)
  • Downloads: 27.1M (up 13M)
  • Checkins: 2,570 (down 550)
  • Uploads: 109,318 (up 3,500)
  • Shelves: 748 (up 200)



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