November '07 DevDiv Dogfood Statistics

Brian Harry

It’s been a while since I wrote about the DevDiv TFS statistics.  Sorry about that, I guess it’s just been a really busy summer.  Usage continues to climb steadily and we are just now beginning the rollout to the rest of DevDiv.  The next version of VS/.NET will be built entirely using TFS – no more usage of the older internal tools.  It’s been exciting and challenging getting ready for that.

The numbers you’ll see below (while much larger than what I published in Aug) are actually quite a bit smaller than what they might have been.  We have been doing quite a lot of server clean up in preparation for the broader rollout – deleting old workspaces, destroying unused source branches, deleting old shelvesets, etc.  You’ll see the effects in some of the graphs below.

We continue to make product improvements based on dogfooding.  The vast majority of them over the past 2 years have gone into TFS 2008.  We just recently stopped putting them in (because TFS 2008 is almost done) and have started queuing them for TFS 2008 SP1.  Just in the last week we’ve made a few nice improvements for working with really large trees.  As an example… I’ve mentioned before that the build lab gets all of the source (about 3 million files) onto about 75 different machines every night.  We found that the initial part of the get operation was taking about 230 seconds to compute what files were needed.  After profiling, we found a inefficiency in permission checking that enabled us to reduce that time to about 100 seconds – a nice improvement.  This particular one won’t make a big difference to most people, most of the time but it’s good to keep finding the bottle necks and removing them.

I expect many of the graphs to take big jumps in the next couple of months.





The deltas in these numbers are actually changes from about 1 month ago.


  • Recent users: 1,097 (up 39)
  • Users with assigned work items: 3,187 (up 160)
  • Version control users: 2,904 (up 136)

Work Items

  • Work Items: 298,610 (up 15,401)
  • Areas & Iterations: 7,806 (up 105)
  • Work item versions: 2,543,360 (up 146,757)
  • Attached files: 116,535 (up 8,964)
  • Queries: 20,542 (up 840)

Version control

  • Files/ Folders: 116,078,642/27,918,462 (up 8,278,542/up 3,724,381)
  • Total compressed file size: 1,500 GB (up 163 GB)
  • Checkins: 305,243 (up 32,182)
  • Shelvesets: 16,545 (up 2,317)
  • Merge history: 274,689,427 (up 23,355,241)
  • Pending changes: 9,082,669 (up 2,766,941)
  • Workspaces: 4,812 (down 1,938)
  • Local copies: 707,890,421 (down 85,555,293)

Commands (last 7 days)

  • Work Item queries: 186,376 (down 29,118)
  • Work Item updates: 14,754 (down 8,414)
  • Work Item opens: 37,934 (down 18,617)
  • Gets: 205,243 (down 140,891)
  • Downloads: 42,268,870 (down 1,638,417)
  • Checkins: 5,149 (up 1,333)
  • Uploads: 804,563 (up 674,032)
  • Shelves: 1,498 (up 147)



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