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Brian Harry

We’ve now got 4 recent TFS Channel 9 videos posted on MSDN.  They are interviews with various team members across the TFS team.  They are:

Branching 101 with Doug Neumann – Visual Studio Team Foundation Server

Doug is one of the two group program managers on TFS and is responsible for Version Control, Build, Migration & Interoperability and Admin & Operations.  He gives a great overview of branching and merging and how it can be leveraged in your development practices.

Migrating to Team Foundation Server with Matthew Mitrik

Matt Mitrik is a program manager on Doug’s team and is responsible for Migration & Iteroperability.  He and his team are currently working on the TFS migration tool kit that will provide a framework for building conversion and bidirectional mirroring tools.

New Power Tools for Team Foundation Server

Ed Hintz is the development lead for the version control client team.  He has also been one of the driving forces behind our Power Tools efforts – starting the whole thing with the MSSCCI provider.  He demos some of the Power Tools we just released (and some we haven’t yet).

Brian Harry on Team Foundation Server Past, Present, and Future

And me, your friendly TFS embassador 🙂  Um, I mean Product Unit Manager for Team Foundation Server.  I had a wide ranging interview with Brian covering a variety of topics about where we’ve been, competition, our future, etc. I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as we enjoyed making them.  There should be more coming in the next few weeks.  You can find a full list of available VSTS videos here:



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