Microsoft Development Software for the "little guy"

Brian Harry

Something came across my desk today that really peaked my interest.  There was a discussion about how expensive software can be for individuals, startups, etc.  Someone forwarded a link to a new program that Microsoft is launching for startups that enables people to get a small startup going with just about all the software they need and little to no initial cost.  I was looking over the program and saw that it had links to a variety of programs targeted at people in different situations (students, etc).  It seemed like some great information worth sharing. BizSpark – A program for new startups (particularly emphasizing service based startups) that provides just about everything you could want. Empower for ISVs – A program targeted at a broader ISV base that includes a bit less but still has a lot of what you would need. DreamSpark – A program targeted at students to give them access to a variety of software that might otherwise be out of reach. Free and Trial Software – And last but not least is a nice index of free Microsoft Software that is available to anyone. Maybe one of these programs is right for you?



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