Heads up: TFS 2015.2.1 coming

Brian Harry

By now, I suspect, everyone is pretty used to our cadence for shipping Team Foundation Server.  We ship a “major” release every year or so and then we ship “Updates” about once a quarter.  We just shipped TFS 2015 Update 2 a few weeks ago (otherwise known as TFS 2015.2).  We’ve been watching the feedback on that release closely and we’ve seen more bugs reported than I’m comfortable with.  Every release has some bugs and we work to fix them in the subsequent Update (and provide hot fixes on demand) but this had enough that I’m uncomfortable making people “live with them” for a few months.  There aren’t really catastrophic issues, but taken together I don’t feel it’s as good as you deserve.  As such, we’ve taken the unusual step of releasing a minor update to Update 2.  We are calling it TFS 2015.2.1.  While some of the issues are regressions in Update 2, many are not – they are just things that happened to get found after Update 2 shipped. It should be available in about a week but I wanted to give you a heads up before it comes out.  Because this is a small bug fix only release, the install time should be pretty short (5-10 minutes). I’m not expecting to do this often but we are going to start looking at this vehicle after every larger release.  Basically it’s an opportunity to get more fixes in people’s hands sooner.  If you choose not to install it, that’s OK too.  If none of the issues are affecting you, you are fine.  There’s no fixes for data corruption bugs or serious security holes or anything like that.  So the update is by no means mandatory – just a way to get some fixes faster if you choose. Here’s a list of the bug fixes we’ve included:

Bug Area
Backup tool fails with transaction logs longer than 100 minutes Admin
It is a encouraged from a security standpoint to remove IIS_USRS from the “Impersonate a client after authentication”. This policy is forced on a domain level, and with the new permission requirements in 2015, Update 2 blocks the upgrade from succeeding. Users cannot temporarily bypass this privilege and would require a domain admin to modify the local policy. Admin
Parameters in activity log are blank for some commands Admin
Removed the word ‘trial’ from the setup executable filename and the ISO image name to reduce confusion. Admin
On product backlog, if the mapping view is off and the work item Add Panel (quick create) isn’t open, you will receive an error when you bulk edit work items by selecting Edit selected work items(s)… in the context menu. Agile
Safari bug: If you go to the backlog and right-click on a PBI or bug a menu pops up, but when you click assign to or move to iteration, the sub-menu doesn’t appear. Agile
IE issue with icon to make long text WIT field go full screen Agile
Problem uploading large attachments to a work item Agile
Hyperlinks on work item forms appear in Visual Studio but on the web UI Agile
XAML Build server crashing due to COMException in BeginDataStoreInit during Test Results publishing Build
Build doesn’t work in Chinese or Japanese Build
If you have a build definition that has a gated check-in trigger, and you create a draft of that same definition and then try to trigger a build by making a check-in, you receive the following error message: Your check-in validation could not be queued for build definition. Details: An item with the same key has already been added. Build
QueryBuildInformation performance fix Build
If you create a Maven build task, and you use SonarQube together with Maven, you see your credential in the build. This issue occurs only if you turn on debug and have a password that includes a backslash (\) or a double quotation mark (“). Build
Some extensions with cross platform build tasks will not work on prem in QU2.  Bump node version in agent Build
On-prem extension with external base URL is still getting sandboxed in the browser.   This behavior is different from Team Services and causes some extensions to work in Team Services but not TFS. Extensibility
Email option in approvals is not enabled if there are more than 1 approver in an environment RM
Overly aggressive permission enforcement on release definitions RM
TestPlan/Suite feature not available when TFS 2015 is upgraded from U2 RC to RTM. Testing
Eliminate spurious “The subscriber Team Foundation Git Pull Request Discussion Notification Subscriber raised an exception while being notified of event ” event log errors VC
TFVC code review emails displaying guids after user names. VC
If there are multiple build definitions configured for the repository the status badge might show the wrong build definition for the build VC
Remove the 25 commit limit when linking workitems during PR creation VC
Work item links to “tip” version of VC files are not working. VC
Error while creating a branch – TF203032: You cannot update the branch parent to $/Project/Main because no merge relationship exists between the current branch and the proposed parent. VC

I’ll let you know as soon as the download is available.  Thank you and let me know if you have any questions or comments. Brian  


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