Excuse me sir, your cow is stuck in the mud

Brian Harry

I try to share some of the funnier and stranger stories from my life.  Unfortunately, I don’t always remember to share them.

I’m working from home today because I’ve got an all day phone call with people in Redmond.  As I was sitting and waiting for my meeting to start this morning, the phone rang.  It was the camp adjacent to our farm.  The voice on the phone informed me that one of my cows was stuck in the mud.

Well, it’s been raining a lot (2-3 inches of rain for tropical storm Andrea and more rain again today).  Further, I just moved the cows, first thing this morning into another field that has a sizeable swampy area and a wet weather creek.  So my initial reaction was “ok, I guess it’s possible”.  I grabbed my son and we started walking towards the field in question.

To add insult to injury, it started raining as we were walking.

My next reaction was “what the heck would I do if I actually do have a cow stuck in the mud?”  I’ve pulled tractors, trucks and a fertilizer spreader out of the mud but what do you do with a cow?

My next reaction was “What? a cow stuck in the mud?”  Whoever reported this must not know much about cows.  I’ve seen cows in the mud all the way up to their stomachs and never seen one get stuck.  It seems crazy – not that it wouldn’t be entirely impossible to happen (think quicksand) but would have to be incredibly rare.

My son and I walked all through the woods along the creek, around all the mud holes, etc.  We could not find a stuck cow anywhere.  In fact, by the time we’d walked all around the field, all the cows were out in the grass.  So we headed back home – relieved that we did not, in fact, have to figure out what to do with a cow stuck in the mud.

As we walked back, I reflected on how crazy my life is.  How many people, while preparing for a meeting with a bunch of technology executives, get a call to go pull a cow out of the mud?  It’s quite insane.  I couldn’t stop laughing about how silly this whole situation seems.

I hope you get a kick out of it too Smile