Dogfooding TFS Build in Developer Division

Brian Harry

I think, in a post a few months ago, I wrote about the latest evolution of dogfooding TFS within Developer Division – adoption of TFS build for much of our build automation needs.  It’s been a large undertaking because our build process is huge and incredibly complex.  Also, I’m talking about build in a large sense here – everything from checkin automation systems to the big “official” nightly build (there are actually about 80 of them every night).  The man behind the effort is William Bartholomew. William is a former MVP turned Microsoft employee and has brought his extensive knowledge of the VS ALM tools to our central build team and has been revitalizing the build process.  His work has resulted in a number of fixes and product improvements.  Some have already been released in the last Power Tools release.  We’re going to try to get out more with each of the next few Power Tools releases.  Some will have to wait for the next major VS release. William is starting a blog series on the work he has done and would be good reading for anyone who really wants to understand the guts of a complex build process and to learn how to make the tools sing.  You can see the intro post here:



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