Bugs Fixed in the Sept Power Tools Release

Brian Harry

Since I’ve gotten a few questions about it, I decided I’d post the list of bug fixes.  This doesn’t include any bugs associated with new functionality that showed up in this release – only functionality that was in previous releases:

Best Practices Analyzer (BPA)

  • 456884  BPA 2008 – add rule to make sure that SQL is at correct Service Pack
  • 459892  TFSBPA 2010: Check that there are no queries that reference deleted fields
  • 462268  TFSBPA 2008: Check TFS 2008 for the post TFS 2010 upgrade issue with missing labels & merge issues described in kb2193796
  • 462134  TFSBPA 2010: Add new web services to the TeamFoundationIntegration web service node
  • 462130  TFSBPA 2010: BPA not capturing SharePoint 2010 Event Viewer logs
  • 462136  TFSBPA 2010: Bpa throws false positive error “Script execute permissions are not set for virtual directory” for SharePoint 2010 deployments integrated with TFS 2010
  • 462129  TFSBPA 2010: Get Alternate Access Mappings for the SharePoint 2010 Web Applications
  • 462132  TFSBPA 2010: Identify & gather registry information for local and remote deployments of SharePoint 2010
  • 454806  TFSBPA 2010: Warn if a project is not welformed
  • 453595  BPA 2008 – add rule to make sure that TFS 2005 SP1 or TFS 2008 SP1 is installed
  • 453832  TFS2010 BPA – Check SharePoint portal owner
  • 453835  TFS2010 BPA – Make sure TFSSERVICE account is a Farm Administrator

Team Members

  • 458414  If an unexpected exception happens trying to get a contact info from IM sometimes the tree is not fully rendered
  • 459690  If the query has an “Assigned To = “@Me” to be the last clause running it for a team member does not yield the correct results
  • 457210  Unshelve throws exception in Team Members
  • 457539  Watson Clr20r3 across buckets with: Application devenv.exe from Dev10 RTM; Exception N3CTRYE2KN3C34SGL4ZQYRBFTE4M13NB; MICROSOFT.VISUALSTUDIO.TEAMFOUNDATION.POWERTOOLS.DLL!Microsoft.VisualStudio.TeamFoundation.PowerTools.TeamTrackerUIHierarchy. …[trunc]

Create Team Project

  • 458295  tfpt CreateTeamProject: we should have have command line options to turn off wss/rs integration.
  • 460133  COM Exception when running tfpt createTeamproejct (devenv instance stays running)


  • 462375  Powertool: Powershell shortcut points to default directory even if it was installed to custom path
  • 457055  Right click menu makes server call before being displayed
  • 456112  tfpt command line GUI uses old VS Logo
  • 468183  No help for alerts explorer
  • 457295  Powertools product name should be updated to say “Powertools” instead of VisualStudio
  • 457067  Power Tools help file TFPTCommandLineTool.mht#C_AddProjectReports /log:LogFolderPath Description is incorrect



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