August DevDiv Dogfood Statistics

Brian Harry

I think I missed posting dogfood stats last month – sorry about that.  It’s just been so busy with all of the recent releases going on, it’s been difficult to find time to do it.

The “big change” in the past couple of months is that the Visual Studio central build lab is really making progress in enabling support for TFS (rather than using the mirrored legacy system).  Some of the substantial increases in activity are due to the load they put on the system.  For example, 5.7 million of the 36 million downloads are from the build lab.  They’ve also been pushing the system in some ways that it had not previously been pushed.  This has led to a handful of bug fixes and performance improvements that have been patched on the dogfood server recently – of course, all of these improvements are being incorporated into TFS 2008.  I’m expecting the work to move the build lab over to be done within about a month or so.

Other than the build lab load, normal user load continues to stay moderately flat.  I’m expecting that will ramp up over the next few months as we prepare for the next version of Visual Studio, when we will shutdown the legacy system and everyone in the division will be using TFS.

Notable values…

  • We’ve finally reached 100 million files (actually over 120 million if you count folders too).
  • The LocalVersion table is at about 700 million rows.  The 1 billion mark isn’t too far away.
  • We passed 250,000 work items.
  • We recently passed 40 million requests per week for the first time.


And the detailed stats…


  • Recent users: 1,015 (down 15)
  • Users with assigned work items: 3,073 (up 157)
  • Version control users: 2,649 (up 231)

Work Items

  • Work Items: 268,635 (up 23,239)
  • Areas & Iterations: 7,575 (up 72)
  • Work item versions: 2,249,745 (up 205,077)
  • Attached files: 98,989 (up 11,251)
  • Queries: 18,936 (up 1,065)

Version control

  • Files/Folders: 99,559,163/21,692,272 (up 15,613,488/up 3,850,160)
  • Total compressed file size: 1,170 GB (up 181 GB)
  • Checkins: 253,993 (up 22,629)
  • Shelvesets: 12,844 (up 1,745)
  • Merge history: 232,689,548 (up 38,096,682)
  • Pending changes: 3,934,204 (up 1,533,477)
  • Workspaces: 6,224 (up 719)
  • Local copies: 695,274,358 (up 90,790,224)

Commands (last 7 days)

  • Work Item queries: 318,036 (down 18,800)
  • Work Item updates: 31,651 (up 3,495)
  • Work Item opens: 225,279 (down 115,081)
  • Gets: 586,788 (up 521,611)
  • Downloads: 35,919,563 (up 16,712,610)
  • Checkins: 5,275 (up 3,011)
  • Uploads: 134,830 (down 225,997)
  • Shelves: 1,313 (up 381)



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