All Orcas Beta 1 downloads are now available

Brian Harry

It has taken a while to get all of the downloads finalized but they are done.  In addition to the VPCs that were available a week or two ago, we now have all of the installation packages for those that want to install it themselves.  The main Beta 1 page has not yet been updated with the last link but you’ll find the final down load (the WinRAR image for the VSTS Team Suite SKU here: I’m really eager to hear what you think of Orcas Beta 1.  I did some web searches a few days ago and was surprised that I really couldn’t find much feedback – mostly just announcements of availability.  I know people are busy and it hasn’t been that long but please, if you’ve had a change to look it over, share your thoughts. We’re already busy working hard on Beta 2.  The final set of features will be coming in and a fair number of bug fixes.  I’d estimate Beta 2 will have about 25% more features over what shipped in Beta 1.  For TFS the biggest additions are the improved setup with support for WSS 3.0, port flexibility, simplified setup, etc. and improved offline support.  I expect most of the work for Beta 2 to be checked in by the end of May so I’m eager to get all of the feedback we can before that. Eagerly awaiting your feedback,



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