Strengthening cybersecurity for the DoD – accelerating compliance

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Agencies such as the DoD can improve their threat detection and response times by using cloud-based security capabilities and cloud intelligence through Microsoft Azure Government. By shifting responsibilities to Azure, the DoD can get more security coverage, which enables them to reallocate security resources and budget to other agency priorities.

Azure Government was the first hyperscale commercial cloud service to receive a Level 5 DoD Provisional Authorization by the Defense Information Systems Agency.

How can Azure Government help the DoD?

  • Keeping missions secure through strict eligibility requirements and physically isolated instances.
  • Managing access to infrastructure and services using some of the strongest, most secure encryption protocols in the industry to provide a barrier against unauthorized access to data.
  • Securing virtual servers and workloads, building and deploying applications with the assurance that your data is protected and safe in our highly secure and dedicated DoD datacenters.
  • Protecting web and mobile applications by shifting responsibilities to the cloud provider. Security becomes less about defending your network and more about defending your data, as well as managing the security of your apps and users.
  • Bolstering identity and access management to deliver secure and controlled access to application, data, and resources. Secure single sign-on to all applications allows you to centrally manage identities across datacenters and the cloud.

Learn more about all the advanced Azure services for cybersecurity and the compliance standards they meet for DoD.


Strengthening cybersecurity for the Department of Defense (eBook)






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