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Advancements in technology can challenge government agencies to meet rising citizen expectations. At the same time, they provide an opportunity for agencies to modernize operations, becoming more responsive, transparent, and efficient.

AvePoint, who won the 2017 Microsoft Partner of the Year award for Public Sector: Microsoft CityNext, offers AvePoint Citizen Services, a solution designed to help governments facilitate non-emergency citizen services, automate case management and incident reporting. The solution has three core capabilities:

1. Enabling citizens to quickly report everything from potholes to broken streetlights to graffiti, wherever they are and from any device. 2. Automating the management of these cases so that once a report is made, it’s sent to a centralized government portal and then automatically assigned to a field worker, with the citizen who reported the incident receiving regular updates until it’s is resolved. 3. Providing detailed reporting capabilities that enable government agencies to review and act upon data trends over time.

This benefits public sector organizations and citizens in several ways:

Informing Citizens Through Transparency With mobile apps, customized apps, or automated communication services, vigilant citizens can stay updated on the status of issues they report. Keeping citizens up-to-date on progress can also promote trust in government organizations. It also enables citizens to better understand their role in maintaining public services, informing them issues are resolved.

Solving Problems Proactively with IoT By connecting traditionally “dark” things to the internet, public sector organizations can better collect and use data to anticipate needs and respond to outages and service disruptions. With IoT and predictive analytics, government agencies can spot issues even before citizens encounter them.

For example, consider a city public works department in charge of maintaining streetlights. Using the IoT capabilities of AvePoint Citizen Services, department officials can obtain immediate notification when a streetlight bulb burns out — without waiting for a citizen to report it. And, with machine learning, they can predict which bulbs are about to fail and change them before they do.

Using Data to Make Better Decisions The public sector relies on the monitoring of projects, budgets, and overall efficiency of the organization, just like any business. With tools for easily visualizing data, organizations can make better decisions and continue to improve public service offerings. Over time, the data can also be used to help predict future needs in the community or infrastructure, to help better allocate resources and reduce waste.

For example, utilizing AvePoint Citizen Services enables managers to visualize the number of graffiti incidents by month, time of day, and area of the city—enabling them to discern patterns and then take proactive action that prevent these incidents from occurring in the future.

In these ways and more, AvePoint’s Citizen Services helps citizens more easily partner with the public sector to improve services though data, intuitive tools, and analytics. If you’re interested in learning more about Citizen Services or seeing a demo, get in touch with AvePoint for more information!

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