Securing your enterprise applications and virtual workspace with Citrix solutions and Microsoft Azure Government

Megan Yount (MSFT)

Citrix and Microsoft continue to expand our strategic partnership to meet the security needs of the modern workforce with application and desktop virtualization and network delivery from Microsoft Azure Government. Citrix solution NetScaler is available now on Azure Government community cloud to help agency IT teams securely and efficiently support a mobile government workforce while cutting operational costs and delivering an unmatched user experience.

With Citrix solutions available on the Azure Government Marketplace, employees can securely access the apps and data they need to provide vital services wherever they are located, on any device. That means agencies provide better, more efficient services, while reducing operational costs and improving security.

Agencies can get started today with the Citrix NetScaler VPX available directly from the Azure Government Marketplace.

Citrix NetScaler is a virtual application delivery controller (ADC) that accelerates application processing, as well as provides the flexibility to establish a networking foundation that adjusts to the changing needs of an environment. NetScaler provides an interface between multiple applications across your on-premises resources and those deployed in your cloud environment.

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Citrix solutions are trusted to protect the government’s most sensitive information on a federal, state and local level. Employees, contractors and partners have the flexibility to choose how they work with seamless and secure access to their workspace and the resources they need whether remote, mobile or in the office. End-to-end visibility of connections, traffic and user activity allows IT to address privacy, compliance and risk management priorities without compromising productivity.

Citrix has developed relationships with leading industry partners to deliver apps and data securely. Working with companies like Microsoft, Citrix is building and supporting technology to incorporate best-in-class security technology across platforms. More details on Citrix can be found here.

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