Microsoft hosts Justice & Public Safety leaders at the 2nd annual CJIS Summit

Rochelle M. Eichner

Transparency is the foundation of Microsoft’s commitment to CJIS Compliance

Founded on our commitment of transparency, Microsoft hosted the 2nd annual CJIS Summit, offering leaders in law enforcement the opportunity to collaborate directly with our compliance engineers, executives, and our Justice and Public Safety team.

Attendees included law enforcement leaders from sixteen states, representation from the FBI CJIS Division, Diverse Computing Inc.,  and the IJIS Institute . The IJIS Institute provides a trusted venue where leaders from the government and industry come to collaborate on the challenges of advancing technological innovation for government in a compliant manner.  From the words of IJIS Executive Director, Steve Ambrosini, “this was a professional and educational initiative on the broad aspects of Cloud Shared Services, with a concentrated curriculum on the policy and technical requirements of the FBI CJIS Security Policy. Microsoft has developed CJIS conformant shared services and information exchange platform(s) for government. At IJIS, we look forward to working with Microsoft to engage additional government practice communities, and the industry providers that serve them, in a similar event.”

During the summit, regulators received an in-depth tour of the Digital Crimes Unit, Cyber Defense Operations Center, a Microsoft hyper-scale data center  and Microsoft’s Worldwide Justice and Public Safety Division. In addition, Microsoft shared insights from Cyber Security Vice President, Ann Johnson, leading a discussion on the key challenges facing Chief Information Security Officers, the playbook used by cyber criminals, and how Microsoft technologies and services are designed to disrupt the attacks.

Collaborating with attendees, the group reviewed the 13 Areas of the CJIS Security Policy  discussing how agencies can meet/exceed the requirements of the Policy with Microsoft Government cloud services while maintaining, and often improving, their security posture. Understanding regulatory requirements are continually evolving to secure sensitive data, the group met with Microsoft compliance engineers to provide input on future technologies to simplify compliance for agencies.

Rounding out the event, the attendees had the opportunity to view the new Microsoft Police Car of the Future. Microsoft teamed up with the public sector and OEM partners to develop cutting-edge hardware and software solutions for law enforcement and security professionals, to help make their jobs more safe and efficient with the development of the Microsoft Advanced Patrol Platform.  It is a live example of precinct capabilities assessable in the police car using current leading technologies.


At Microsoft, we consider compliance a commitment, not a checkbox.  As part of that commitment, we appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with the CJIS regulators and our customers on our approach to compliance, our commitment to Justice and Public Safety and how we design and operate our Government Cloud Services.

For additional implementation information, review the Microsoft CJIS Implementation Guidelines. This document provides guidelines and resources to assist criminal justice entities in implementing and utilizing Microsoft Government Cloud features.

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