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Aravind Aluri, Product Manager, Azure Government

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Azure Government is excited to expand our partnership with Bitnami via the Azure Government Marketplace beyond the initial offering in Image Gallery. We are happy to announce the first wave of open source images published by Bitnami to the Azure Government marketplace. The first wave of free open source and Bring Your Own License (BYOL) licenses includes eXo Platform Enterprise, ReportServer Enterprise, Moodle, Gitlab, Code Dx, LAMP, Drupal, WordPress, Open edX.

Bitnami makes it incredibly easy to deploy apps with native installers, as virtual machines in the cloud. Bitnami has over a hundred applications in their library and we are actively working on bringing more applications which are popular with government customers into the Azure Government Marketplace in the coming weeks and months.


All Bitnami Apps for Azure have the following benefits:

  • Up-to-date
    • Bitnami has automated processes to track the latest release of all the applications that they support. Once a new version becomes available, Bitnami updates their applications as soon as possible.
  • Secure
    • Whenever vulnerabilities or serious security issues are discovered, Bitnami updates their applications as soon as there is an available fix.
  • Optimized
    • Bitnami applications are completely self-contained and bundle all of the libraries, databases, and runtimes required to run on any platform. Additionally, their applications are configured optimally for the most common scenarios out of the box.
  • Consistent
    • Bitnami applications are packaged following consistent standards. Whether you want to deploy an app as a VM or launch it in the cloud, the experienced is nearly identical.
  • Orchestrated
    • Many Bitnami applications are available with pre-built, multi-tier deployment (Microsoft ARM). These allow you to quickly deploy more sophisticated and scalable implementations with a single click.
Image Name Description
eXo Platform Enterprise eXo Platform Enterprise is an enterprise-grade social collaboration platform. It maximizes team productivity by combining wikis, forums, calendars and document management with social streams and personalized workspaces. 
ReportServer Enterprise ReportServer is the business intelligence platform for your enterprise. It integrates multiple reporting engines, dashboards and ad-hoc analytics. Its scripting capabilities allow you to make it exactly fit your needs.
Moodle for Gov Cloud Moodle is a Course Management System that is designed using sound pedagogical principles to help educators create effective online learning communities. It can scale from one computer to a 50,000-student university and is used in over 175 countries. 
GitLab for Gov Cloud GitLab is self-hosted Git management software that’s fast, secure, and based on Ruby on Rails. GitLab CI (also included) is an open-source Continuous Integration (CI) server closely integrated with Git and GitLab. 
Code Dx Code Dx is a software vulnerability management system to simplify triage, prioritizing and remediating vulnerabilities found via static and dynamic application security testing (SAST & DAST) tools and manual code reviews.
LAMP Bitnami LAMPStack greatly simplifies the development and deployment of PHP applications. It includes ready-to-run versions of Apache, MySQL, PHP and phpMyAdmin and all of the other software required to run each of those components. Bitnami LAMPStack is completely integrated and configured, so you’ll be ready to start developing your application as soon as the image is launched onto Windows Azure. Bitnami LAMPStack is regularly updated to make sure that you always have access to the latest stable releases of each of the bundled components. 
Drupal for Gov Cloud Drupal is a content management platform that allows users to easily publish, manage and organize content. It is used for community web portals, discussion sites, corporate web sites and more. It is easy to extend by plugging in modules. 
WordPress WordPress is one of the world’s most popular web publishing platforms for building blogs and websites. It can be customized via a wide selection of themes, extensions and plug-ins. 
Open edX for Gov Cloud Open edX is a platform for large-scale digital course delivery. Conceived by nonprofit online learning destination edX, it provides a range of authoring tools to let educators build vibrant online learning communities. 


Our customers in Federal, State and local governments are sure to love their open source options and Bitnami provides technical support for installation and setup issues through our support center at

If you are a partner interested in publishing to the Government Marketplace, please see the instructions here. You can request a free trial to Azure Government platform.

Bitnami is doing a Webinar on CodeDX. You can register here to learn how to Develop Secure Applications in Azure Government Cloud with Code Dx and Bitnami.

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