Azure Government adding F-Series VMs to USGov Iowa

Julie Glixon, Program Manager

Today we are announcing the addition of the F-Series VMs to Azure Government’s USGov Iowa datacenter. As noted in the initial release of F-Series VMs in Azure, these VMs have:

  • the same CPU performance as the Dv2-Series of VMs with 2GB of memory per CPU core at a lower per-hour price.
  • the best value in a price-performance position in Azure based on the list price of F-Series divided by the Azure Compute Unit (ACU) per core.

Any workload which does not need as much memory or local SSD per CPU core will benefit from the value of the F-Series VMs. Due to the price-performance value, these VMs are an ideal choice for web servers, and batch processing. At the time of this posting, F series is only available in standard.

Standard storage optimized F-Series sizes

Size  CPU Cores  Memory  Temporary Disk (SSD)  Max Network Bandwidth 
Standard_F1  1  2 GB  16 GB  moderate 
Standard_F2  2  4 GB  32 GB  high 
Standard_F4  4  8 GB  64 GB  high 
Standard_F8  8  16 GB  128 GB  high 
Standard_F16  16  32 GB  256 GB  very high 

We will provides updates in the blog when F-series becomes available in additional datacenters.  

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