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Release Highlights

Welcome to the June release of the Azure SDK. We have updated the following libraries:

Stable Releases

  • Azure Cognitive Search for .NET, Java (version 11.4), and JavaScript and Python (version 11.2)

    • Adds stable features and bug fixes from the beta releases. See the Cognitive Search changelog for more details.
    • Preview service features not generally available yet, like Semantic Search and Normalizers, are not included in this release.
    • Support for geospatial types in core for .NET and Java.
    • Support for knowledge store.
  • Azure Data Tables version 12.0

  • Azure SDK for Python (Conda) packages are now generally available in the Microsoft channel.

  • Event Grid for Java (version 4.4), JavaScript and Python (version 4.3)

    • Adds new system events definition for Storage Blob and Azure Communication Service.
  • Form Recognizer version 3.1

    • This release marks the stability of the changes introduced in package versions 3.1.0-beta.1 through 3.1.0-beta.3.
  • Core, Identity, and Azure Storage for C++ version 1.0

    • This release marks the general availability for Core, Identity, and Azure Storage.
    • To get started and view samples, view the README on the Azure SDK for C++ repo.
    • Quickstarts and documentation are being updated at Microsoft Docs.
  • Key Vault Administration, Certificates, Keys and Secrets.

    • Key Vault Administration is a new library that allows for role-based access control (RBAC), and backup and restore operations for Managed HSM.
    • Key Vault Keys added functionality:
      • Support for Managed HSM.
      • Cryptography clients now support executing all operations locally if given a JsonWebKey.
      • Support for creating and importing symmetric keys for Managed HSM.
      • RSA keys now support providing a public exponent.

Preview Releases

  • App Configuration version 1.2: initial release

  • Azure Agrifood Farming version 1.0: initial release

    • Azure FarmBeats enables aggregation of agriculture data sets across providers, allowing you to build artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML) models based on fused data sets.
    • With the preview of Azure FarmBeats you can build or augment your digital agriculture solution with farm health advisories that:
      • Assess farm health using vegetation index and water index based on satellite imagery.
      • Give recommendations on how many soil moisture sensors to use and where to place them.
      • Track farm conditions by visualizing ground data collected by sensors from various vendors.
      • Provide soil moisture maps based on the fusion of satellite and sensor data.
      • See this overview for more information.
  • Azure Attestation for JavaScript and Python version 1.0

  • Azure Blob Storage, Data Lake Storage, Files, and Queue Storage has released SDKs with Azure Storage Service API version 2020-08-04

  • Azure Confidential Ledger version 1.0

  • Azure Communication Network Traversal version 1.0: initial release for JavaScript

  • Azure Communication Services for .NET and iOS version 1.0

  • Azure Communication Services Chat for Android version 1.0

  • Azure Container Registry version 1.0

  • Azure Cosmos DB client for Java version 4.16

  • Azure Data Lake Storage for Java (version 12.6) and Python (version 12.4)

  • Azure Monitor Query version 1.0: initial release

    • Published the initial .NET, Java, JavaScript/TypeScript, and Python packages for the new Azure Monitor client library.
    • The library provides an ability to query both Azure Monitor Logs and Metrics data. Benefits introduced in this new library include:
    • A single client library for both Logs and Metrics querying.
    • Azure Active Directory authentication support for both Logs and Metrics queries.
    • Handwritten .NET client library (code generation was used for old packages).
    • Updated Swagger to include batch API for Logs query, performance statistics such as query execution and resource usage, and server timeout.
    • Read more about here about The New Azure Monitor Libraries.
  • Azure Synapse Analytics for .NET and JavaScript version 1.0

  • Event Hubs for .NET and JavaScript version 5.5

  • Key Vault for C++ version 4.0

  • Models Repository for JavaScript version 1.0: initial release

    • Contains the ModelsRepositoryClient to talk to the Azure Models Repository service, with initial support for getting models and helper functions for working with DTMIs.
  • Translator for Python version 1.0: initial release

    • Offers real-time text translation and document batch translation.
  • Video Analyzer version 1.0: initial release

    • Allows you to interact with the direct methods of a Video Analyzer edge module.
    • Supports constructing objects that represent the direct methods that can then be sent to the edge module using the IoT Hub SDKs.
    • Designed to be used with the Azure IoT Hub SDKs.

Release Supportability

  • Starting in July, updated JavaScript libraries will drop support for Node.js 8, which reached end of life in January 2020. For more details, please see our support policy.

Release Notes

Azure SDK Blog Contributions

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