FCM v1 Migration Steps (Preview)

Heather Tian

Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) legacy API will be deprecated by Jul 2024. The ANH team is preparing so customers can begin migrating from Legacy HTTP protocol to FCM v1. Customers may start this migration process March 1, 2024 and will need to be migrated by June 2024. No action is required at this time, further instructions will be made available in Feb 2024.

Concepts for FCM v1:

  • A new platform type will be supported called FCM v1

  • New APIs, credentials, registrations, and installations will be used for FCM v1

  • Note: the existing FCM platform will be referred to as FCM legacy in this document

To migrate from FCM legacy to FCM v1, here’s what you can expect:

Provide credentials for FCM v1: You will need to provide your FCM v1 credentials to set up notifications.

Update Client App to start registering as FCMv1 devices: Once you’re ready to start supporting FCMv1 devices, update your client app so that any new devices will start registering as FCM v1 instead of FCM legacy. This will ensure notifications will be sent to users appropriately once FCM legacy is deprecated.

Update Server app to send notifications to FCM v1: Once you have completed the above steps, you can start sending notifications using the new API.

Stop sending notifications to FCM Legacy: Once all existing devices have been registered as FCM v1 devices, stop sending notifications to FCM legacy. All notifications should be sent exclusively to FCM v1 at this point and you should be fully migrated.


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