Azure Depth Platform

Mission statement: Democratize cloud-connected 3D vision

Depth vision is the next frontier for machine vision and AI.

The Azure Depth Platform program is building a robust partner ecosystem to proliferate the market with 3D cameras powered by Microsoft’s industry leading Time of Flight (ToF) technology, originally developed for Kinect and HoloLens, combined with depth vision services on the Azure intelligent edge and intelligent cloud platform.


This advanced depth vision technology captures environments in 3D with high accuracy over a wide field of view and is now being made available by industry partners to meet a broad set of commercial applications and price points.

3D vision skills

The power of 3D vision comes to life when the captured data is applied to uniquely designed sensing skills around object sensing, body tracking, and movement identification. Microsoft is enabling premium Depth Vision Functions to translate raw data to point clouds.

Building Depth Vision Services on Azure

A 3D sensing system applies the vision skills to specific use cases as applied services. Our partner ecosystem builds industry-defining 3D vision applications for industries including robotics, manufacturing, logistics, retail and security, fitness and healthcare, to name a few. Microsoft is determined to empower a vibrant developer community with a development platform and tool set, to enable them to innovate faster, better and cheaper.

Azure as the innovation platform

Connecting 3D vision to the Azure cloud unlocks advanced capabilities including expanded data processing and storage, artificial intelligence and machine learning, analytics, visualization, and other Azure services that drive innovation.

Partner and Customer Ecosystem

Are you an early adopter of next-generation 3D sensing technology? Do you deliver these innovations to the market or a company in need of these solutions? If so, we’d love to hear from you and learn how Microsoft can partner with you. Contact us and tell us your story!

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