Azure Depth Platform

3D vision & AI industry solutions on Azure

3D vision is the next wave of AI

Microsoft has been investing in 3D depth technology for over two decades and our legacy includes several generations of the Kinect platform in gaming, HoloLens in Mixed Reality and the Azure Kinect Dev Kit.

With Microsoft’s mission statement to empower every organization on the planet to achieve more, we made a strategic decision to provide broad market access to our 3D technology IP, knowledge and expertise. We created the Azure Depth Platform to proliferate 3D technology and empower other companies to build industry solutions in cell phones, robotics, autonomous vehicles, assembly lines, inspection and quality control, factories, healthcare, fitness and more.

Azure Depth Platform is democratizing cloud connected 3D vision by lowering the barriers for the adoption of 3D technology to provide machine environmental awareness & understanding.

Our program is creating the platform to build 3D & AI industry solutions coming from an ecosystem of semiconductor providers, camera makers, ISVs and System Integrators.

Key challenges today Azure Depth Platform value
Image cameraCamera Makers
  • 3D camera design requires deep specialization in several fields from sensors to algorithms, from illumination power and patterns to phase measurements.
  • Building high resolution, accurate 3D cameras with a wide field of view is expensive and hard to do.
  • You get access to Microsoft’s design knowhow and IP to accelerate your time to market with a 3D camera product line.
  • Computer vision expertise is fragmented and limited.
  • You are forced to decide on a specific camera early in the development process.
  • Most 3D computer vision developers still do not use modern SW development methodologies.
  • A common API and toolchain across a variety of camera offerings from multiple vendors
  • Connecting 3D vision to the Azure cloud unlocks advanced capabilities including expanded data processing and storage, AI & ML, analytics, visualization, and other Azure services that drive innovation.
Image SolIntegratorSystem Integrators
  • It is hard for you to pick & integrate solution components – interoperable components (HW,FW,SW) are sparse.
  • The limited range of 3D cameras in affordable prices limits your customer reach.
  • Most existing 3D applications have been developed to operate on-prem (high data volume + latency req) – your solution is hard to scale.
  • Access to an ecosystem of industry vertical specific ISVs and camera OEMs.
  • Optimized hybrid Edge & Cloud solutions with scalable deployment and predictable TCO.
Image customerCustomers
  • It is most likely that you are not aware of what 3D vision & AI can do to help solve your business problems.
  • It is hard to find cost effective end2end industry solutions and SIs.


  • Access a catalog of Azure based industry specific solutions and SIs.
  • Reduce time-to-value through fast deployment at scale and improve uptime, output, production quality and efficiency.


If you are in 3D and would like to be part of the next wave of AI. Contact us and tell us your story!

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