Visual Studio App Center: The Next Generation of Xamarin Test Cloud

Glenn Wester

Today at Microsoft Connect(); we announced the launch of Visual Studio App Center, the next generation of Xamarin Test Cloud. App Center brings the power of Xamarin Test Cloud combined with ability to build, distribute, monitor and integrate push notifications- all in one place. Get all the features you use and love today in Xamarin Test Cloud combined with services you need to ship quality apps faster.

What’s Next with Xamarin Test Cloud

We know it’s important to deliver the highest quality experience on the latest platforms which is why App Center Test offers thousands of physical devices for you to deploy your tests to, each with a different operating system installed. In addition to integration with App Center’s services, App Center Test introduces new features such as named device sets and improved API access.

Named Device Sets

To help you better organize and reuse collections of hardware from our lab, App Center test service adds named device sets. When you learn of your user’s most popular devices from App Center Analytics, you can close the loop by combining those devices into named collections for future testing. Named device sets helps you clearly understand which device collections we’re targeting when managing your upload command to execute tests in App Center.

Improved Device Selection

In addition to named device sets, you can now select all available devices in a single click for the most comprehensive test experience. We’ve also added text search to give users better access to our vast hardware list.

Unified CLI

We’ve built a simpler, more powerful CLI for App Center Test. This improved experience gives you a unified command to upload your tests across all our supported automation frameworks.

Robust API

App Center Test adds a robust REST API giving increased access to all data generated during your test run. The information visible in your test report is accessible via our API including screenshots, device logs, test runner logs and failed device specifics.

Framework Support

App Center Test supports the most popular native and cross-platform UI testing frameworks including:

  • Espresso
  • XCUITest
  • Appium
  • Xamarin.UITest

We’re happy to announce all Xamarin Test Cloud subscribers will be upgraded to App Center Test within the next six months. More details regarding this upgrade coming soon.

Get started for free and give App Center a spin!

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