Xamarin.Forms Book Now Available in Easy to Digest Chapter Summaries

Charles Petzold

Creating Mobile Apps with Xamarin.FormsPeople learn in different ways. Some people like to learn a new API framework by reading a big book; for those people I’ve written Creating Mobile Apps with Xamarin.Forms with 28 chapters available as a free download to help you to get started building mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows today.

Other programmers—particularly those who have experience with similar frameworks—might prefer to accelerate the learning process. Generally, these folks can get much of what they need from API documentation and sample code; they don’t need massive books.

For this group of future Xamarin.Forms developers, I’ve written a summary (or abstract) of sorts for each chapter of the book. Each summary describes what’s in the corresponding chapter and contains links to the documentation for each of the APIs described in the chapter, links to the sample code from that chapter, links to related Xamarin.Forms guides, and a link to the full chapter itself.

These summaries allow you to learn Xamarin.Forms in a structured, brick-by-brick manner and a minimal amount of reading. You can also use the summaries to check if a particular chapter has information that you might need before consulting the full chapter for a more detailed exposition.

You’ll find the links to these summaries on the web page for the book. Each listed chapter (such as Navigation and MVVM) has links to both the full text in a PDF file and to the summary page. The summaries are also listed on their own page.

Consuming a 1,200-page Petzold book has never been easier and neither has learning Xamarin.Forms!


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