Xamarin.Forms 4.0 CollectionView Challenge 

Paul DiPietro

During March, many of you made submissions to our Visual Challenge. Your feedback has been extremely valuable and you all put together some impressive samples! As a follow up in this series, we now have a CollectionView Challenge that focuses on the upcoming CollectionView in Xamarin.Forms 4.0.

CollectionView in Xamarin.Forms 4.0

We’ve just published a new pre-release of Xamarin.Forms 4.0 which includes the very latest features and improvements for both CollectionView and Shell. Update today via your NuGet package manager. Review the release notes to see all the details.

We heard from you how important it is to have a fast, performant control for scrolling large groups of items; that supports not only a variety of layouts but also advanced interactions that ListView struggles to enable. Is CollectionView up to the challenge?

How to Participate

  1. Choose an existing app of your own or use an app with a ListView that inspires you.
  2. Reproduce the layout using CollectionView.
  3. Fork the CollectionView Challenge repository on GitHub
  4. Submit a PR with feedback just like the Visual Challenge
  5. It’s that easy!

Between now and the end of April, we invite you to participate in this challenge. And let there be swag!

  • Everyone who contributes will receive a sticker pack – the Xamagon lives!
  • BONUS: When you live-stream your challenge, we will feature you in the Xamarin Community Standup! Get a chance to be in highlights that will air on twitch.tv/VisualStudio.


Be sure to test data and images as needed. The primary goal is being able to create the same layout and functionality. It can be simple or complex but we certainly won’t complain about more complex layouts!

If you have any questions, please file an issue on the GitHub repo or send an email to paul.dipietro@microsoft.com.


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  • Eder Cardoso 0

    Is there any deadline/prevision to release an official stable version of XF 4.0?

  • jayakumar vinayagam 0

    Challenge still on board? if not when will publish the next challenge.

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