Xamarin for iOS 9: Search Deeper

Miguel de Icaza

It’s an exciting week for iOS developers with the release of the iOS 9.0 GM to all iPhone and iPad users. We’re happy to announce the official release of Xamarin.iOS 9.0, enabling C# developers with same day support to take advantage of the full power of iOS 9.0, which includes the recently announced 3D Touch API.


Getting started is easier than ever with our extensive set of resources and documentation to help developers take advantage of the new iOS 9.0 features with Xamarin and C#.

Quick-Start Resources


3D Touch

Add pressure-sensitive gestures to iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Make use of new APIs, such as pressure sensitivity, peek and pop, and quick actions. Check out the 3D Touch Documentation for more detailed information.

Multitasking for iPad

multitasking_2x Apple has added support for multitasking—running two apps at once—on iPad with iOS 9.0. With things like split view, slide over, and picture-in-picture, your Xamarin.iOS app can no longer assume that it’s the only app running or has full access to the iPad screen.

spotlight-ios_2xUsing the new Search APIs added in iOS 9.0, you can make your app’s content searchable through Spotlight and Safari search results, Handoff, and Siri Reminders and Suggestions. You can make search content available publicly or privately, allowing your users to search for content as well as allowing Siri or Spotlight to suggest your app to users looking for something new!

Contacts and ContactsUI

contacts-icon Apple has released two new frameworks in iOS 9.0, Contacts and ContactsUI, which replace the existing Address Book and Address Book UI frameworks used by iOS 8 and prior versions.



stack-viewThe Stack View control (UIStackView) leverages the power of Auto Layout and Size Classes to manage a stack of subviews that dynamically responds to the iOS device’s orientation and screen size. The new UIStackView control greatly reduces the amount of work required to lay out a user interface.

App Transport Security

security_lock App Transport Security (ATS), brand new to iOS 9.0, enforces secure connections between internet resources and your app. ATS ensures that all internet communications conform to secure connection best practices, thereby preventing accidental disclosure of sensitive information directly through your app or by a library that it’s consuming.

So Much More

These are just a few highlights from iOS 9.0, but there are a plethora of amazing new features and enhancements that developers can take advantage of, including: updates to Collection View that make it easier than ever to add drag-and-drop support, new Gaming APIs, enhancements to HomeKit and Handoff, new Extension Points, Right-to-left language support, Keychain Enhancements, and tons of additional framework changes.

Getting Started with Xamarin.iOS for iOS 9.0

You can get up and running today by installing Xamarin.iOS 9.0 from the Stable channel. Here’s how to get started:

On your Mac OS X version 10.10.4 or later:

  • Update Xcode to Xcode 7
    • This comes with the iOS 9.0 SDK
  • Install it at the default location and start Xcode 7
  • Update the “Stable” channel in Xamarin Studio
    • Xamarin Studio => Check for Updates
  • Install the latest updates.

Windows users with Visual Studio, in addition should:

  • Update the “Stable” channel in Visual Studio
    • Tools => Options => Xamarin => iOS Settings
  • Install the Xamarin for Visual Studio extension update.

Get Ready for iOS 9

Xamarin Developer Evangelist Mike James provides a complete overview of the top new and updated APIs in iOS 9.0, including Multitasking, Search, as well as code demos and Q&A in the previously recorded webinar below.


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