The Xamarin Show: Getting Started with MVVM

James Montemagno

220x165Out of all of the architectural patterns, Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) has to be my favorite. When I started The Xamarin Show last year on Channel 9, I made sure to cover all of the different aspects of MVVM, as well as some amazing libraries that work with Xamarin, and I could think of no better way of starting 2017 than by highlighting the top Xamarin Show episodes that feature MVVM.

There’s sure to be something for everyone, whether you’re brand new to MVVM or if you’ve been developing with MVVM for a long time.

MVVM and Data Binding with Xamarin.Forms

MVVM enables developers to separate their business logic from their user interface code, no matter if you’re developing with iOS Storyboards, Android XML, or Xamarin.Forms XAML. In this episode, I cover the basic building blocks of the MVVM pattern and introduce you to the data binding framework built right into Xamarin.Forms, so there’s no need to ever manually set a text property, register for a click handler, or automatically enable and disable controls with Commands.  


Prism for Xamarin.Forms

Brian Lagunas, XAML Product Manager for Infragistics, introduces us to Prism for Xamarin.Forms. Brian walks us through exactly what Prism is and how developers can start leveraging Prism in their Xamarin.Forms applications. He also shows us the features of Prism, including template packs, navigation service, deep linking, commands, and many other aspects of the library.  


MVVM Light and Xamarin

Laurent Bugnion, Software engineer and UX enthusiast at Valorem/IdentityMine, introduces us to the world of developing with the MVVM Light Toolkit with Xamarin. The MVVM Light Toolkit offers Xamarin developers a MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) library that adds data binding, commands, navigation, extensions, and more to traditional development with Xamarin. Laurent also shows us use cases and compatibility with Xamarin.Forms.  


More Xamarin Show

Every week I deliver a brand new episode of the Xamarin Show on Channel 9 for your viewing pleasure. Head over to the show page, where you’ll find more episodes across a broad range of topics, including Xamarin Profiler, Workbooks, Continuous Integration, and more. While there, make sure to subscribe so you’ll receive notifications of future episodes, which will cover MVVMCross, Azure, and more.


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