The Next Evolution of Xamarin Training: Microsoft Learn


We’re excited to announce two new learning paths on Building Xamarin Apps in Microsoft Learn: A free and interactive learning portal.

Xamarin University Joins MS Learn

The Xamarin University team has joined the Microsoft Learn family! Building new content and incorporating many of the great features Xamarin University has. Features including hands-on learning, quizzes to help build skills required to advance your career, and more.

Transferring Progress

If you have completed any Xamarin.Forms courses in Xamarin University, you can now transfer your progress to Microsoft Learn. To begin this transfer, simply:

Once your progress is transferred, you will see achievement badges for completed courses. You will also see a special badge if you passed the Xamarin Mobile Developer certification exam. These achievements will appear on your new Learn profile.

It is important to note that: the Skills migration feature will only be available until June 28th, 2019. That is when the Xamarin University learning platform shuts down for good. For more details, please visit our FAQ page.

Thank You!

Thanks for being a part of the Xamarin University community! We look forward to seeing you on Microsoft Learn where we hope you continue to build your Xamarin development skills. There you can also learn about other cutting-edge technologies such as cloud computing, containers, cognitive services, and machine learning. All for free!