The New & Improved Xamarin Developers YouTube Channel!

James Montemagno

We are so excited to re-launch our Xamarin Developers YouTube channel! Here you will find fresh content on building amazing mobile apps directly from the Xamarin team here at Microsoft. To kick things off we have teamed up with our spectacular community. Together, we prepared a new launch video to show off what this channel is all about:

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New Shows & Hosts

This is just the start! We have a bunch of new shows and hosts that are going to be creating some amazing content:

Xamarin.Forms 101 with Maddy & David

Earlier this year, a new mini-series called Xamarin.Forms 101 was introduced to share different features in Xamarin.Forms. We are excited to announce that Maddy Leger and David Ortinau will be leading the show with the latest and greatest in SDKs and tooling inside of Visual Studio.

Partly Cloudy

Hosted by the illustrious cloud developer advocate, Matthew Soucoup. Partly Cloudy is a new show focused on helping mobile developers go to the cloud…. but only part of the time. Look for this new show to premiere next month.

Show Cross-Overs

Just like your favorite Marvel super heroes we are all about the collaborations across shows. To bring you unique episodes on building end to end solutions, we partnered up with teams like:

Back Catalog

In addition to new episodes and shows, you can still browse through our playlists. These videos are full of great Xamarin content from past webinars and events.

Community Art

As part of launching the new channel, we wanted to feature even more awesome contributions from the Xamarin community. Beyond having amazing developers come onto the shows, we will also be featuring community artwork on the YouTube page that will rotate each month. To kick things off we asked Luis Matos, creator of some lovely Xamarin wallpapers, to create some art. Here is what he came up with:

Share Your Submissions!

Find official Xamarin icons, logos, branding, and colors on the .NET Swag GitHub repository. Official YouTube art guidlines are in their documentation. Simply send an email with your artwork to for a chance to get featured on the Xamarin Developers YouTube channel.

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