Let the iOS 10-ing begin!

Miguel de Icaza

iOS10 GraphicWe’ve just updated our iOS 10 support to go along with Xcode’s GM Seed release. You can use this build along with Xcode GM to submit applications that take advantage of the new features in iOS 10 to the Apple AppStore.

This release also brings full support for building tvOS 10 and watchOS 3 applications in your favorite .NET language.

iOS 10

The new iOS 10 SDK requires Xcode 8 to be installed. Use the “GM Seed” for Xcode 8 that Apple has posted on their developer portal. On the Xamarin side, we’ve published Xamarin.iOS support for iOS 10 in our Beta update channel. Here’s how to get started:

watchOS 3

We’ve also added support to Xamarin for building watchOS native applications. Take advantage of all of the watchOS APIs from C#, just like you do with iOS.

Start building Apple Watch applications today with our Introduction to watchOS 3 documentation.


tvOS 10

Last but not least, we’ve updated our tvOS support to bring all of the new features of tvOS to the .NET universe.

Bring your apps to life on the big screen with the latest additions to tvOS, including ReplayKit to live broadcast game play, PhotoKit to share photos with iCloud Photo Library and your apps, and easily integrate multi-peer connectivity to your iOS apps.

Check out our Introduction to tvOS 10 documentation to get started.

Enhance Your Apps with iOS 10 Functionality

iOS 10 is packed full of new features and enhancements, and we’ve updated our documentation to make it as easy as possible to integrate iOS 10 features into your apps. To get started, visit the Xamarin Developer Center and check out our iOS 10 samples and Introduction to iOS 10 walkthrough, which includes documentation on all of the new functionality iOS 10 has to offer, including:

  • SiriKit, which now allows apps to provide services accessible via Siri.
  • iMessage Apps, providing the ability to build apps that integrate with Messages and present new functionality to the user.
  • CallKit, which offers a way for VOIP apps to integrate with the iPhone UI and provide a familiar interface and experience to the end user.
  • User Notifications that have been streamlined with a new unified API for local and remote notifications.
  • App Extensions that been expanded in iOS 10 to provide several new extension points, including intents.
  • Proactive Suggestions to drive app engagement by proactively presenting information to the user at appropriate times.
  • Wide Color to provide extended-range pixel formats and wide-gamut color spaces throughout the system.
  • Adapting to True Tone Display to ensure the app works well with the True Tone ambient light display adjustments.

Be sure to follow along with the Xamarin Release Blog for up-to-date information about known issues and other release notes.


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