iOS 7 Coming to Xamarin

Jayme Singleton

During the keynote yesterday at WWDC, Apple announced that iOS 7 will introduce over 1500 new APIs for developers. Some of the most exciting improvements include:


  • A radical redesign of the iOS user interface that largely eliminates the skeuomorphism that has historically been prominent on the platform.
  • A greatly-enhanced multitasking implementation, with support for opportunistic updates and richer background processing.
  • Support for AirDrop, which will make it easy for users who are in the same room to share content between devices.
  • At the platform level, automatic app updates—ensuring that your users always have the latest version of your app without having to manually update from within the App Store.

We’re thrilled to see Apple advance its platform with this major update–and we’re looking forward to seeing how the 330,000 developers who use Xamarin put the new features and user interface model  to use in their own applications.

We’re diving into the iOS 7 beta, and plan to have a release available in our alpha channel shortly.  Xamarin is unique among cross-platform development tools in offering timely support for new iOS versions.  We have issued same-day Xamarin.iOS releases for the last several major iOS updates, a tradition that intend to continue with iOS 7.

As Apple highlighted during its keynote, the majority of iOS users are quick to adopt new versions of the operating system. Consequently, developers need to keep up with the latest updates and leverage the latest features in order to remain competitive in the App Store.  This is especially important given the extensive user interface changes Apple is introducing. Make sure your Xamarin.iOS subscription is up-to-date so that your apps are ready on iOS 7 launch day.

For more details about the current status of Xamarin compatibility with iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks, please refer to our thread in the Xamarin Forums.

Thanks to the hundreds of developers who joined us last night at the Press Club in San Francisco for our WWDC party. We had a great time and enjoyed meeting all of you! We’re looking forward to our next exciting soiree, the BUILD party that we are hosting at Jillians on June 25th.


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