Introducing the SmartHotel360 Reference Mobile Apps

Pierce Boggan

If you managed to catch any of Microsoft Connect(); 2017, you probably saw a beautiful suite of apps for a fictitious smart hospitality company called SmartHotel360 that showcases the future of connected travel. Their vision is to provide:

  • Intelligent, conversational, and personalized apps and experiences to guests.
  • Modern workplace experiences and smart conference rooms for business travelers.
  • Real-time customer and business insights for hotel managers and investors
  • Unified analytics and package deal recommendations for campaign managers.

SmartHotel360 is an end-to-end reference application for the entire business, including a suite of mobile and desktop apps for business travelers (iOS, Android, and Windows), a website for booking a stay, and even an app for hotel employees to track and resolve maintenance issues.

We’re excited to share that all code for the SmartHotel360 reference application has been open-sourced and is available for you to download today.

Mobile Apps

Consumer App

Guests and business travelers can use a beautiful, native cross-platform mobile app for iOS, Android, and Windows. With this app, travelers can adjust the temperature and lighting settings of their rooms and find recommended places to go nearby, such as coffee shops, all based on deeply personalized preferences.

The consumer app is built entirely with Xamarin.Forms, and takes advantage of lots of different features, including:

  • Behaviors
  • Converters
  • Custom Controls
  • Custom Renderers
  • Effects
  • Localization
  • Messaging Center
  • MVVM
  • Styles
  • UITests
  • Xamarin Live Player Support

Employee Maintenance App

For hotel managers and maintenance crew, we built a maintenance iOS app and used Xamarin.Forms embedded. This is a great way to showcase how companies can modernize existing line-of-business apps with Xamarin. In this app, hotel managers and maintenance crew can get notifications of issues and resolve them directly from their mobile app.

This app is a Xamarin.iOS app that uses the brand new Native Forms added in Xamarin.Forms 2.5.0 to embed XAML into a native app and share even more code.

Digital Door NFC App

Travelers need quick access to their rooms. What if we can provide an automated way to have them go straight to their room when they get to the hotel? We used the power of mobile development with Android and NFC to provide this experience. We included NFC access from the SmartHotel360 traveler application and we also created a digital door application to check-in and open your room.

Digital Door is a Xamarin.Android app that uses the native NFC stack to communicate with a smart door.

So much more!

In addition to all of the mobile apps described above, SmartHotel360 has many other reference applications for you to explore, including a microservice oriented architecture implemented using Docker containers that power the client experience, a website powered by ASP.NET Core 2 for booking trips, and a sentiment analysis app for tracking customer experiences.

Be sure to dive into the SmartHotel360 repository on GitHub all code. For questions about the architecture of the mobile app, don’t hesitate to reach out to @JamesMontemagno or @DavidOrtinau on Twitter. Happy coding!

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