The Top 12 Xamarin Blog Posts of 2017

Courtney Witmer

2017 marked our first full year as part of the Microsoft family. Along the way, we saw new operating systems, new devices, and updates to the tools we use every day, and the many authors behind the Xamarin blog worked to share tips, tricks, and guides to help you stay on top of the ever-changing mobile landscape.

As has become our annual tradition, we’ve been counting down our top posts on our social channels with the 12 Days of Xamarin, and today it’s time to reveal the top post of 2017: The Xamarin Show: Getting Started with MVVM.

We hope that this roundup of top posts from the past year will help set you up for success in 2018, whether you’re new to mobile, new to Xamarin, or have been with us from the beginning!

  1. Previewing the Xamarin Live Players for Visual Studio
  2. Building Android Apps with Entity Framework
  3. Building Xamarin.Forms Apps with .NET Standard
  4. Adding Face Tracking and Live Recognition to your Android App
  5. Getting Started with Async / Await
  6. Adaptive UI with Xamarin.Forms
  7. 5 Ways to Boost Xamarin.Forms App Startup Time
  8. Developing Enterprise Apps Using Xamarin.Forms
  9. Getting Started with C# 7
  10. Xamarin.Forms: Tips for Beating the Learning Curve
  11. Implementing Push Notifications in Your Android Apps
  12. The Xamarin Show: Getting Started with MVVM

Happy New Year from the Xamarin team!


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