Facebook SDK v12.2 for Xamarin.iOS Now Available

Israel Soto

Accessing 3rd party libraries directly from C# is a great perk of developing mobile apps with .NET and Xamarin. You have the ability to create your very own binding projects, consume NuGets from the community, or leverage binding packages contributed to by our teams.

We have been hard at work to kick off the new year with several updates for popular libraries. The first of which is v12.2.0 of the Facebook SDK for iOS. This update brings together several SDK components from Facebook including CoreKit, LoginKit, ShareKit, GamingServiceKit, and AudienceNetwork.

Open Source & Issue Reporting

We are scheduling future updates to these libraries for both iOS and Android prioritized by your feedback and usage. Work is done completely in the open on GitHub, which is the best place to follow the work being done by the team and where to report any issues. Here is a quick list of open source components that you may want to follow:

You can stay up to date by starring each of the repositories on GitHub. Additionally, turn on notifications under “Watch” as well to ensure you don’t miss a release!

Watch for notifications

We also encourage pull requests to any of the component repositories, including fixes for existing bindings or new 3rd party bindings, that you may be doing yourself.

Get Started with the Facebook SDK for iOS

You can grab the latest NuGet packages for the Facebook SDK today, browse samples on GitHub, and read through the official Facebook documentation.


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