Load solutions faster with Visual Studio 2017 version 15.6

App Center Team

As we have been working to improve the solution load experience in Visual Studio 2017, you may have read our blog about these improvements in version 15.5. With version 15.6, we have introduced parallel project load, which loads large .NET solutions twice as fast as earlier versions when you reload the same solution.

During the first load of a solution, Visual Studio calculates all the IntelliSense data from scratch. In the previous version of Visual Studio 2017, version 15.5, we optimized the calculation of IntelliSense data by parallelizing the design-time build that produces the data. Solutions that were opened for the first time on a machine loaded significantly faster because of this parallelization. IntelliSense data was cached, so subsequent loads of a solution didn’t require a design-time build.

With version 15.6 we wanted to go one step beyond optimizing IntelliSense calculation. We’ve enabled parallel project load for large solutions that contain C#, VB, .NET Core, and .NET Standard projects. Many Visual Studio customers have machines with at least 4 CPU cores. We wanted to leverage the power of all the CPUs during solution load by loading projects in parallel.

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