Using AI to automatically redact faces in videos

App Center Team

In the last few years, many law enforcement agencies have adopted body worn cameras. In this blog post, I will provide some background on what is driving the growth and will talk about how AI can help law enforcement agencies with the processing of videos captured by body-worn cameras.

Background on body-worn cameras

A body worn camera is a wearable audio, video or photographic recording system. Law enforcement agencies are not the only consumers of body-worn cameras. Other consumers include journalists, medical professionals, athletes, and so on. The forecast unit shipments of body-worn cameras can be seen on this webpage published by Statista.

The National Institute of Justice (NIJ), the research, development and evaluation agency of the US Department of Justice, conducted research on body-worn cameras for law enforcement and conducted a market survey on body-worn cameras for criminal justice. The survey updated in 2016, aggregates and summarizes information on a number of makes and models of body-worn cameras available today, including the approximate costs of each unit. The full market survey on body-worn camera technologies can be found on NIJ’s website.

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