Adding support for Debug Adapters to Visual Studio IDE

App Center Team

Since its release, Visual Studio Code’s extension model, based on well-known web technologies such as TypeScript and JSON, has attracted a great deal of participation from the community, with hundreds of extensions published to provide support for exciting new languages and technologies. Visual Studio 2017 took the first steps towards participating in this ecosystem in November, with the release of the Language Server Protocol preview. Now, in Visual Studio 2017 version 15.6, we’re excited to announce support for another Visual Studio Code extension component – the debug adapter. If you’ve previously written a debugging extension for Visual Studio Code, you can now use it in Visual Studio as well, generally with only minor modifications. If you’re considering implementing debugging support for a language or runtime, doing so via a debug adapter will allow you to reach both Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code customers without having to support two separate codebases.

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