Improve Parallelism in MSBuild (C++)

Shikha Kaul

Starting in Visual Studio 2019 16.3 we have been adding features to improve build parallelism. These features are still experimental, so they are off by default. When developing tools for Android, we introduced clang/gcc to the MSBuild platform. Clang/gcc relied on the parallelism model of the build system but MSBuild only parallelizes at the project level. This led to the creation of Multi-ToolTask (MTT) as a MSBuild Task. It forgoes MSBuild batching system and works around the typical single task limitations. This allows tasks to execution in parallel and engage other scheduling features not present in MSBuild. In this release, we leveraging MTT to the some of the existing Vcxproj build tasks, making existing tasks more parallel and in return improving build throughput.


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