Introducing ‘Suggest a Feature’ in Developer Community

Shikha Kaul

Customer feedback is a critical input to help us improve Visual Studio. Up until two years ago, the Visual Studio customer feedback system left room for improvement – customers could use the “send a smile” feature in Visual Studio, but this would result in only coarse-grained feedback such as “I like this” or “I don’t like this.” The feedback we got through this UI then went into a database our team accessed, but didn’t leave an easy way for customers to see the feedback that other customers were giving so they could say, “I have that problem too!” More than that, the back-end system that gathered feedback was separate from the engineering systems we use for tracking bugs and features, crash reports, hang reports, and telemetry. Without a unified system on the backend, identifying the most impactful issues could be an error-prone job.

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