We’re upgrading Visual Studio’s feedback! 

Jason Chlus

Visual Studio is a customer driven tool, our team is dedicated to exploring and learning what challenges you may be facing so we can help. To provide the highest quality of feedback we are upgrading our system, which means older versions of Visual Studio will no longer be compatible to provide feedback. If you want to continue to submit feedback, please upgrade to 16.7 or any LTSC service release after April 2021.  

Image developer community

We strive to have a transparent and collaborative relationship with our users to offer the best developer experience inside and out of Visual Studio. We encourage users to provide feedback on our primary tool Developer Community, where we receive 3000 feedback items every month. This is the best way to directly reach our engineering teams and ensure that your feedback item will be seen, read, and taken action on. In addition, we receive hundreds of feedback items from Twitter, YouTube, the Visual Studio Blog, various conferences and online events, Facebook, LinkedIn and more so feel free to get involved there too! 

We want to offer the best customer experience when giving feedback and make sure that your voice can be heard. For this reason, we are choosing to upgrade our Send Feedback options available in the help menu and feedback center: 

Image Help menu send feedback

This new system will make it much easier for our engineering teams to track, organize and transfer tickets. Our main goal is to have the best communication between our users and the Visual Studio engineering teams as we head into the future. We are expecting this will increase our responsiveness to issues and in turn give the user a much better experience. 

This new system does come with a cost. Moving to this new system has made these versions unable to submit feedback for the Send Feedback options: 

  • 15.9.0 – 15.9.34 
  • 16.4.0 – 16.4.20 
  • 16.5.0 – 16.6.X 

It is hard for us to make the decision not to support certain versions of Visual Studio, however, with the increase in productivity and scalability that this new system offers we feel it is the right decision for our product.  

If you would like to continue to provide feedback and see Visual Studio grow, please upgrade to 16.7 or any LTSC service release after April 2021.