Visual Studio 2019: Code faster. Work smarter. Create the future.


Visual Studio 2019 is generally available today and available for download. With Visual Studio 2019, you and your teams will become more productive in building current and future projects as you benefit from the innovation in the IDE that makes every keystroke count.

As we’ve shared earlier, Visual Studio 2019 improves on Visual Studio 2017 in a few areas. It helps you get into your code more quickly by making it simpler to clone a Git repo or to open an existing project or folder. It also introduces improvements to the template selection screen to make it easier to start a new project. While you’re coding, you’ll notice that Visual Studio 2019 improves code navigation and adds many refactorings, as well as a document health indicator and one-click code clean-up to apply multiple refactoring rules. There are also improvements to the debugging experience, including data breakpoints for .NET Core apps that help you break only on value changes you’re looking for. It also includes get AI-assisted code completion with Visual Studio IntelliCode.

These capabilities work with both your existing project and new projects – from cross-platform C++ applications, to .NET mobile apps for Android and iOS written using Xamarin, to cloud-native applications using Azure services. The goal with Visual Studio 2019 is to support these projects from development, through testing, debugging, and even deployment, all while minimizing the need for you to switch between different applications, portals, and websites.

Check out the launch event

Be sure to tune in to the Visual Studio 2019 Launch Event today at, or watch it on-demand later, where we’ll go into a lot more depth on these features and many others. During the launch event, we’ll discuss and demo Visual Studio 2019. We’ll also share content on Visual Studio 2019 for Mac and Visual Studio Live Share, both of which are also releasing today. There are also almost 70 local launch events around the world you can join today and over 200 between now and end of June. Thank you for your enthusiasm about our best release yet.

To help kick-start your experience with Visual Studio 2019, we’ve partnered with Pluralsight and LinkedIn Learning to bring you new training content. Pluralsight has a new, free, Visual Studio 2019 course (available until April 22, 2019). A path and skill assessment are also available, so you can dive right in. On LinkedIn Learning you’ll find a new course (free until May 2nd) covering the highlights in Visual Studio 2019. Of course, you can always head over to and our docs to find out what’s new, or dig into the release notes for all the details.

Thank you for your ongoing feedback

We could not have made this happen without you. Ever since we released Preview 1 of Visual Studio 2019 in December, we’ve received an incredible amount of feedback from you, both on what you like and what you want to see improved. As always, you can continue to use the Report a Problem tool in Visual Studio or head over to the Visual Studio Developer Community to track your issue or suggest a feature. We’ve made many tweaks and improvements along the way to address your feedback, rest assured that we will continue doing so in minor releases going forward.

We want to sincerely thank you for taking the time to provide the feedback that we use to shape Visual Studio 2019 into the best developer environment for you. We can’t wait to see what you’ll create with Visual Studio 2019.


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    • Aleksey SavateyevMicrosoft employee

      You can get it by signing up for Windows Insider Program and updating Windows 10. It will show as a default .NET Framework in Visual Studio 2019.

  • Max Dhom

    When i click the “Download Visual Studio 2019” button, i get forwarded to the german downloads page, which only shows me VS2017 or the VS2019 release candidate download. Beneath that, it is stated, that VS2019 will be released on second of april. When will it be available? Super excited and can’t wait to download it!

  • Eugene Ivanoff

    I’ve got “Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 RC 16.0.0” after updating.

      • Aleksey SavateyevMicrosoft employee

        Also, Preview builds of Visual Studio 2019 update to only Preview 5.0 today.

      • Mike Diack

        This shows a SERIOUS lack of care. As I’ve mentioned above. Surely one of the 1st tests you must run on a build is to open the About box and check it’s as you say.Not only that, all of the start menu entries still refer to 2019 RC

    • Jim Little

      Unbelievable–how embarrassing a SLOPPY of Microsoft. Ridiculous. 

  • Byron Adams

    Just installed and everything went smoothly. So nice how account, projects, theme, etc. just populated on first use.  I wish there would be an option to view the news feed on the Launch dialog, which I use daily rather than the installer which is rarely used.For now I installed just what I need to get going with .Net Workload and side by side with 2017 which had many Workloads.When I installed 2019 I expected some workloads to be shared, but it looks like I have to install everything again… and it worries me that when I want to remove 2017 that removing all the workloads will break things.  I think there needs to be some documentation up front where it is easy to see regarding what developers can expect.

    • Nicole BruckMicrosoft employee

      Hi Byron, thank you for the feedback about your first launch! I currently work on our Visual Studio blog and other content sources. I’d love to discuss what you’d like to see for news and docs when you’re launching Visual Studio daily. Feel free to email me at if you’re interested.

    • Byron

      I just unchecked all my components in vs2017 and uninstalled. When I launched my vs2019 web project it complained that the TypeScript version 3.1 was missing.  So the vs2017 is not truly a side-by-side installation. However, it was nice that vs2019 suggested fixing my settings to use version 3.3.

  • Tarek Madkour

    Congrats team! It’s great to see all the new enhancements to my favorite development tool 🙂 

  • Royi Avital

    Could you please give us a proper C and OpenMP support?
    Or at least integrate Clang compiler in a proper way (full compliation by Clang).
    Thank You.

  • David Eberly

    I always purchase a single license for Visual Studio Professional and have been doing so since the original release of VS.  When I visit the webpage for pricing, my options for Standard Subscription are $1199 first year or $799 renewal.  There is a “Renew subscription” link that takes me to a page to purchase.  What is not clear are the prerequisites for renewal.  I purchased VS 2017 Professional when it shipped.  Does that mean I am eligible for the renewal subscription of VS 2019?  Or must I now purchase the first year and then next year pay for renewal?  I looked at the licensing PDF, but I do not see plain English stating that current users of VS 2017 are eligible for renewal (or not).  If I am missing some important webpage or overlooked some blurb at your webpages, please let me know.
    Is it also the case that you have changed your licensing so that the product stops working if you do not pay the annual renewal?
    Thank you for any information.

    • Lan KaimMicrosoft employee

      Hi David, 

      Thank you for your feedback. We will work on the messaging. The “renew” price is only available for people who have Visual Studio Subscriptions already. If you purchase Visual Studio Standard Subscription, even if you don’t renew, you are still entitled to use existing version of Visual Studio. You just will not be able to get the newer version of Visual Studio in the future. 

      • David Eberly

        Thank you for the clarification.  The page I had visited is , which mentions a $45 per month subscription for VS Professional.  This page, , mentions that you can purchase the standalone license for $499, but it does not include the Azure DevOps features.  The page also mentions the $45 per month subscription that does include the Azure DevOps features, consistent with the previous page content.  Is it possible to purchase a standalone license that includes VS 2019 for PC, VS 2019 for Mac, but no Azure DevOps features?  For the monthly subscription, is it possible to make a one-time annual payment?  Whether you pay monthly or annually, what happens after 1 year if you were no longer to pay?  Are you then obligated to uninstall VS 2019?  I apologize for all the questions.  I prefer to pay annually and not monthly.  I also have an annual subscription to Office 365–if you stop paying the annual fee, you must uninstall.  My concern is that with a VS “subscription”, the same thing would happen, which is not desirable. Over the years I purchased standalone licenses for VS 2010 through VS 2017 and they still work. I provide Open Source code with VS projects/solutions of various versions, so I need to be able to provide technical support for those versions.  The same will be true of VS 2019, so before purchasing VS 2019, I just want to make sure I understand all the ramifications.  The standalone license has always worked for me, but if there is now an uninstall-clause (say, on the $45 per month option), then I need to look into the Standard Subscription.  Thank you.

  • Evgeniy Alexandrov

    Any info on standalone version of VS2019? Currently there is only VS2017 Standalone License for $499 in local version of Microsoft Store (ru-RU),  global (en-US) version has no standalone licenses at all, only Visual Studio Subscriptions. 

  • Tomasz Jagusz

    Visual Studio 2019 looks great!
    Will there be an option to upgrade from Visual Studio 2017 at a lower price? Currently, it is $499 for a new license.
    Many companies would adopt the new version sooner if there would be an upgrade option.

    • Lan KaimMicrosoft employee

      Tomasz, unfortunately there is no discount available for Visual Studio 2017 to upgrade to Visual Studio 2019. However, with Visual Studio Subscriptions, you will always get access to the newest Visual Studio and any of the older releases as well. 

    • Dave Bacher

      Companies should be using the volume licenses.
      You should not need to buy the upgrade if you’re on a volume license.