Visual Studio 2019 v16.11 is Available Now!

Mads Kristensen

We are excited to announce the release of Visual Studio 2019 v16.11 GA. This release improves upon the Git tooling experience in Visual Studio, enables Hot Reload for .NET applications, adds convenient links to the help menu, and upgrades LLVM tools to LLVM 12. For full details, see the Visual Studio 2019 release notes.

Servicing Baselines

This is the final servicing baseline for Visual Studio 2019. This version will be supported with fixes and security updates for the duration of the Visual Studio 2019 support timeframe. As a result, we encourage Enterprise and Professional customers to standardize on Visual Studio 2019 16.11 because it will provide a long term stable and secure development environment.

Now that version 16.11 is available, version 16.9 will go out of support in October 2022. Prior minor versions 16.0, 16.1, 16.2, 16.3, 16.5, 16.6, 16.8 and 16.10 are no longer under support. These intermediary releases only received servicing fixes until the next minor update was released. Here are the versions still under support and their end of service dates:

  • 16.4 – October 2021
  • 16.7 – April 2022
  • 16.9 – October 2022
  • 16.11 – April 2029

For more information, see our lifecycle and support policy.

Visual Studio 2022 Preview

A big thank you to everyone who has participated in our Visual Studio 2019 previews! Your engagement with our preview branches helps us deliver a better product and gather valuable feedback on the features we’re building.

We encourage you to join us in the next iteration of our product: Visual Studio 2022. Download the current Visual Studio 2022 preview and use it just like you have been using Visual Studio 2019 (you can install them side-by-side) and let us know how it’s going via Developer Community or Report a problem.


It’s a good time for developers, administrators, and DevOps managers to review their current version usage. And, administrators should plan for migration and consider testing the final release of Visual Studio 2019. Acquire the latest and most secure version of Visual Studio in the downloads tab of the Subscriptions portal.

To experience all that Visual Studio 2019 has to offer, download v16.11 today. Don’t forget to report a problem or give us feedback on Developer Community!



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  • Tanvir Ahmad Arjel 0

    Will Visual Studio 2019 v16.11 preview 3 be directly updated to the stable v16.11 as there will be no more preview for Visual Studio 2019?

  • Alexey Leonovich 0

    .NET Core 2.1 will reach EOL at August 21, 2021. .NET Core 2.1 SDK option is still marked as recommended for .NET Cross Platform Development workload. Is it planned to remove this option in future updates of Visual Studio 2019 16.11?

  • Amit Vij 0

    Not sure if it’s only me, but I get an error while updating VS 2019: Couldn’t install Microsoft.VisualStudio.ScriptedHost.Registry
    I have tried multiple times with same error. Is there CDN issue with this too? 🙂

      • Collins, Mark W. 0

        I also have the same problem, along with one of my coworkers.

    • Leif Oddvar Søreng 0

      I updated VS to version 16.11.0 and all projects in my solution got message (need migration) or (unloaded) behind the project name. During Visual Studio Installer > Repair i got the error “Couldn’t install Microsoft.VisualStudio.ScriptedHost.Registry”

      • Joe Sorensen 0

        This exact thing happened to me too. nothing will open any long and my whole dev team is unable to work.

        • Anil Bhujabal 0

          I am also getting same error.
          @Microsoft Team: Please suggest solution asap.

    • Edhy Rijo 0

      Hi all,

      FYI, I just upgraded today 8/14 to VS Enterprise v16.11.0, and did not get any error.

    • S Johnson 0

      As of 8/20/21; this problem still exists updating from the installer under Windows 10. Not to be snarky, but if we’re supposed to standardize on this version, it should at least update seamlessly to give a small amount of confidence 🙂

  • 道 天 0

    visual studio 16.11 ,cmake cross platform can’t add remote ssh connections

  • Trump Won 0

    16.11 – April 2029 ?

    Isn’t it 2023?

    • Robert Woods 0

      That’s what it looks like to me. This should be updated if that’s true.

    • Azarien 0

      I believe April 2029 is correct.
      16.11 is supposed to be the “final servicing baseline” for VS2019, and VS2019 itself is supported until April 10, 2029.

  • Edhy Rijo 0

    Hi just tested the Hot Reload feature in my Windows Form application and it is simply amazing.
    Thank you guys for adding this feature to this last version of VS, even though, I will be upgrading to 2022 once in GA.

  • 郑珏 0

    After Visual Studio 2019 is updated to v16.11, opening the core project is stuck

  • Glenn A. Harlan 0

    I installed 16.11 and since then VS is using a large amount of memory, compile times now take upwards of 5 minutes and application debug startup takes minutes to even begin. prior to this update compile times and application debug startups were measured in seconds

  • Neil Alipay 0

    NET CORE (NET 5) TripleDES.Create IsWeakKey

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