Skill up on Visual Studio 2019 with Pluralsight

Rajen Kishna [MSFT]

With the launch of Visual Studio 2019 in April, we announced having partnered with Pluralsight to provide new training content to help you build your skills with Visual Studio 2019. We’re thrilled to announce that all 10 courses, spanning over 14 hours of content in the Visual Studio 2019 Path on Pluralsight, are now available. You’ll also be able to benchmark your current skill level with a Pluralsight Skill IQ assessment, which will offer course recommendations.

You can find the 10 courses under the following categories to help you quickly find the right content – whether you’re a beginning developer or experienced professional:


These courses are designed to help you master the most common activities in Visual Studio. If you have used prior versions of Visual Studio, check out the What’s New in Visual Studio 2019 course to quickly get up-to-speed on all the new features. If you are new to Visual Studio, you will want to check out the Getting Started with Visual Studio 2019 course. Then, take your debugging skills to the next level with a deep dive on debugging in the last course in this category.


Refine your skills with the courses in this section as you learn to manage your Git repositories using Visual Studio. You can look forward to learning about the testing features available in Visual Studio, the code analysis features, and how Visual Studio helps you migrate solutions to Azure.


Set yourself apart with the knowledge you will gain in this section. In just over half an hour, you can learn how to use Visual Studio Live Share. Learn about the advanced debugging features and how to build cloud native solutions in Visual Studio.

Get started today using your Visual Studio Subscription

If you’re a Visual Studio subscriber, you’ll get up to 6 months of free access to Pluralsight included in your subscription. You can activate this benefit in the My Visual Studio portal, which will give you access to the Visual Studio 2019 path and many other courses on Pluralsight. Make sure to check the Pluralsight benefit documentation for more information on activation, eligibility, and frequently asked questions.


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  • speev 0

    Nice! I like that there is a dedicated Path for VS2019. The majority of the features are coverd like IntelliTrace, CodeMap, the Analyzer, etc, and the Azure stuff. 

  • Hem Raj 0

    What about for the person who can’t pay on Pluralsight. Is it also available on . I fear for Microsoft as you have already lost in Windows mobile.

  • Timo Kinnunen 0

    I had an account earlier at PluralSight and this offer is not for me because PluralSight wants me to upgrade my account. If you have never used PluralSight then you are ok.

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