Second patch now available for IntelliSense crashes in VS 2010 RC

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We recently blogged about a crashing bug in the Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate (RC) on machines using UI Automation (UIA).  We’ve since discovered that there are actually two bugs, both of which will only affect a certain group of users but will cause the IDE to be very unstable for those users.  Both of these issues now have patches available for the RC and have already been fixed for VS 2010 RTM.

Who is affected?

Both bugs affect the same group of users.  Only machines with the Visual Studio 2010 RC and an application or device actively using UI Automation 3.0 APIs are affected.  This includes but may not be limited to RC users who are using touch displays, tablet PCs, screen reader software, and some 3rd-party applications.

What are the symptoms?

Both bugs cause Visual Studio to be quite unstable.  Bug #1 causes frequent crashing during rapid typing in the editor while IntelliSense is popping up and/or being dismissed.  Bug #2 causes somewhat less frequent crashing during tooltip invocation, most commonly when hovering over an identifier to view a QuickInfo tooltip.

How can I fix these crashes?

There are two separate patches available for these issues in the VS 2010 RC, and we’d encourage RC users to download and install them both.  We also have fixes for both bugs checked in for VS 2010 RTM.  You won’t need a patch or workaround for the final release, and you’ll be able to use the RTM build on machines with UIA without experiencing these crashes.

If you have any questions about this issue, please feel free to post in the comments below.  If you’re experiencing crashes without UIA or in scenarios without IntelliSense, the root cause is likely different, so we’d encourage you to collect a crash dump if possible and file a Connect bug so we can investigate.

Brittany Behrens Program Manager, Visual Studio Editor Team

clip_image002I’m Brittany, a Program Manager on the Visual Studio Editor team.  Some of you may recognize me from Connect bugs or as the main voice of @VSEditor on Twitter, and I’m responsible for a variety of Editor features.  I love hearing from customers, so please let me know what you think!


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