Learn to write Visual Studio extensions

Mads Kristensen

Writing extension for Visual Studio can be a daunting task for even the seasoned developer. Figuring out where to start is a not obvious and the whole process a bit mysterious. At least, that’s what you’ve told over the years from trying to write extensions. That’s why we’re now introducing a new video series to make extension writing easier than ever.

The series starts at the very beginning to make sure you have the right tools and setup. Then it goes through writing your first extension to show the full process of writing an extension. These are important steps since they provide the base from which you’ll continue to explore the Visual Studio APIs.

It goes into further details on specific aspects of extension development and ends with a best practices checklist and a guide on how to publish an extension to the Visual Studio Marketplace. Make sure to check links in the video descriptions for further information.

There is something for both new and existing extenders alike and we hope you’ll let us know what videos to add next.