Fixes for Solution Navigator & Quick Access in the Productivity Power Tools

Abdullah Hamed

Last week, we released the July 2010 version of the Productivity Power Tools which introduced the Solution Navigator, Quick Access, Automatic Brace Completion and Tools Options support. We’ve been really excited to see nearly 40,000 downloads last week and the hundreds of pieces of feedback that you have sent us. Based on that feedback, we have just released a minor revision which addresses the top issues that have been reported:

  • Ctrl+1 & Ctrl+2 were not configurable in the Solution Navigator, which blocked the ability to type @ on some keyboards. This revision provides the Edit.ShowSolutionNavigatorPopupForSelection & Edit.ShowSolutionNavigatorPopupForFile commands which can be rebound using Tools => Options => Environment => Keyboard.
  • Solution Navigator searches on large projects could lead to poor performance. In this revision, we’ve made some optimizations to the search algorithm.  (Also, search will now only be initiated after two characters are typed in the search box.)
  • Items in Solution Folders were not sorted.  In this revision, they are sorted alphabetically.
  • Invoking Quick Access could cause a crash on some machine configurations. This issue has been resolved in the current revision.

If you already have the Productivity Power Tools installed, you should get a reminder the next time you start Visual Studio that an update is available.  You can also install them directly from the Visual Studio Gallery website (  Please note that one of the side effects of releasing an update of the Power Tools is that it will re-activate any disabled extensions that are in the Productivity Power Tools.  If you wish to de-activate them again, you can change the setting in Tools Options => Productivity Power Tools.  We are sorry for the inconvenience but it is a limitation of the current design of our Tools Options support.

Thanks! -Sean Laberee


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