Cool features in Visual Studio 2022

Mads Kristensen

A few weeks ago, I gave a presentation at a conference about cool new features in Visual Studio 2022. It was a pre-recorded presentation, so I was able to do final edits to the video before sending it to the conference organizers. The result was a 38-minute-long video highlighting some of my favorite new features, tweaks, and extensions. And the best part is that the organizers allowed me to share it on the Visual Studio YouTube channel, so everyone interested can watch.

In the video, you’ll see all sorts of cool things including, but not limited to:

  • Window layout management
  • AI-based coding assistance
  • Navigate to source with Source Link
  • A smarter way to “Add New File”
  • Microsoft Dev Box

Each feature has its own chapter in the video, so you can easily jump to the feature that interests you. Just open the video on YouTube and expand the description to see the chapter links.


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  • Jakub Krampl 2

    Cool stuff, by the way, which version is required to get “Add New File” feature?

    • Mads KristensenMicrosoft employee 2

      It’s in the next preview release coming out very soon. In the meantime, you can grab the extension Jorge linked to

      • Jakub Krampl 0

        Awesome, thank you guys.

      • Daniel Meza 0

        I can’t live without it!

  • David Lowndes 0

    Dev Box sounds great, but I think it needs making setting it up painless. It’s a job for someone who loves setting up cloudy infrastructure – I gave up.

    • Sagar Chandra Reddy LankalaMicrosoft employee 0

      Hi David, thank you for the feedback. We will be supporting quick start flows that would make the entire setup easier. Typically, we expect an organization’s dev infra teams to setup the service before a developer can self-serve dev boxes. Would love to hear your thoughts on the ideal workflows and which personas do you expect to configure the service.

  • Stanislaw Tristan 0

    About DevBox. The price currently about $2.2/hour (for 8vCPU/32Gb/1TB)- so I have to pay this price AND also it is required to have additional Windows 10/11 Enterprise license?? Sorry, past me

  • Doug Hale 1

    New features that save time on a particular task is nice, but when that same feature slows down all other tasks it becomes mote.
    The general use of VS is becoming way way to slow.

    What I would like to see is a task/feature bar that lets me quickly turn on and off these features such that only the ones I wish to use at that moment are enabled and effecting overall performance.

    • Anand Gupta 0

      I agree fully.
      Have been developing in VS 2022 for last 6 months and at times need to disable features which is taking time and effecting my efficiaency.

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