Connect(); // 2016 starts Nov 16th

Dmitry Lyalin

As hundreds of people across Microsoft head towards New York City we wanted to take this opportunity to write a short blog post to remind our community that we’re almost ready to unveil Connect(); // 2016, Microsoft’s big fall developer event, streaming live and totally for free from November 16th through the 18th.

You might be reading this and asking the question “so why should you watch this?” or “what exactly is the agenda like this year?”, so let us walk you through all the details so you can decide.

Day 1: November 16th (6:45am – 1:30pm PST)

Keynotes: November 16th we will be live streaming from 9:45am through 4:30pm EST. Join the live stream to see our keynotes by Scott Guthrie and Scott Hanselman, along with many other guest speakers. You don’t want to miss this live stream; we will have lots of exciting news and announcements.

Live Q&A: After the keynotes starting at around 1:00pm EST we will begin our live Q&A with various keynote speakers, executives and some very special guests. This will be your chance to engage and ask questions as we will be taking them through Channel 9 live.

Day 2: November 17th (8:00am – 5:00pm PST)

Live Sessions: November 17th we’re once again back live streaming from 8:00am until 5:00pm PDT. Over the course of nine hours you’ll have the opportunity to dive deeper with the product teams that made day 1 announcements possible. This will include sessions on Visual Studio, .NET, Mobile, ALM & DevOps, Azure, Intelligent App and Data, Windows and Office development.

Not only will our product teams go deeper into the announcements from day 1, but they will also take your questions. We will also show some demos that go beyond the keynote.

Day 3: November 18th (9:00am – 4:00pm PST)

Free Live Training: Day 3 of Connect(); is new this year. This year we have added a training day where you will have the chance to participate in totally free, live training from both Xamarin University and Microsoft Virtual Academy. These training providers will cover the following topics in their agendas:

  • Xamarin University: Mobile and Cloud Application Development
  • Microsoft Virtual Academy: Web, Cloud and Data Application Development

All the training content will also be available on-demand. , so don’t worry if you miss the live stream. Come join us when you have time after the November 18th live stream is over and you’ll have full access to the recorded versions of these trainings for free on the respective sites.

Joining live does give you one advantage, and that’s the ability to ask questions so we hope you’ll consider doing so!

On-demand Video & MSDN Magazine

On-demand Videos: On November 16th we’ll be publishing over 110 brand new on-demand videos. These relatively short (typically around 8-15min) videos provide you another way to learn about the topics or scenarios you’re most interested in without the fluff.

In addition all the live streaming keynotes, live Q&A’s and day 2 session will be recorded and published to Channel 9 after the event, so you can view them on your schedule.

MSDN Magazine: We will also be shipping a special edition of MSDN magazine, available to both print subscribers and anyone who wishes to read them online (for free). We will be publishing over 12 articles that cover a wide variety of topics from the keynotes, and if you know MSDN Magazine then you know these articles will be deep technical content from some of our best writers.

So that’s it! It has been a lot of work to get here and I hope this blog helps you understand exactly where you can join us live or find the content on-demand whenever you can consume it. We really hope you will join us, thank you so much.


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