Committing with Confidence: Commit Time Code Quality Information Updated

Mark Wilson-Thomas

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In the earlier post “Committing with Confidence: Getting Code Quality Information at Commit Time” , we introduced the new Build and Code Analysis Results panel, which gives you a heads-up reminder at commit-time of issues detected by any code analysis tool that puts results in the error list. This means you can take care of those issues before they propagate into your team’s CI/CD process, and commit with confidence.

The panel shows results both for live edit-time analysis (e.g. C#/VB Analyzers) and, via the Refresh Analysis button, for batch-style static analysis (e.g. C++ Static Analysis tools). It is supported on Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise. At present it supports code being committed to a Git Repo.

Focus on the issues that relate to your changed files

In response to your feedback, we have just released a new version of the Continuous Delivery Tools for Visual Studio extension which updates the panel to show issue counts only for files that are changed in the set of files you are committing, so that you can focus only on the issues related to your changes.

Commit Time Code Quality Information Updated Team Explorer

The View Issues link will take you straight to a view of the Error List filtered to just the changed files too:

Commit Time Code Quality Information Updated Focus on issues related to changed files

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Please download and try the Continuous Delivery Tools for Visual Studio extension, try out the updated Build and Code Analysis Results panel and let us know what you think of the change, as well as the overall experience.

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We’re always looking for feedback on where to take this Microsoft DevLabs extension next; features from the extension have already been refined using that feedback and incorporated into the core Visual Studio product in updates. There’s a Slack channel and a team email alias where you can reach out to the team and others in the community sharing ideas on this topic.


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