Sinem Akinci

Program Manager II, Visual C++ Team

C++ Product Manager working on CMake and Linux experiences in Visual Studio and VS Code

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Visual Studio 2022 v17.8 Brings Increased Productivity, Further Unreal Engine Integration, and Cross-Platform Enhancements to C++

Introducing the latest updates to Visual Studio 2022, designed to make your development experience more productive and efficient than ever before. Our Visual Studio 2022 17.8 release includes powerful C++ productivity features that empowers you to check the size and alignment of classes, make member functions const, and make global functions ...

Latest Updates for CMake Development in Visual Studio

Visual Studio has native CMake integration that allows C++ users to build and develop using CMake and supports their unique needs. CMake is a cross-platform build tool for C++ and with Visual Studio’s latest tools, users can be more productive when it comes to configuring with CMake. To learn more about Visual Studio’s CMake integration, ...