Announcing Tools for Apache Cordova (aka TACO) v1.0.0

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We are excited to announce the first official (aka 1.0.0) release of the TACO CLI today!

Tools for Apache Cordova (TACO, for short) provides number of utilities for Mac and Windows users to develop with a set of platforms and plugins validated by our Visual Studio product team. Developers can also install the native Android and iOS (Mac-only) SDKs and build tools & also connect to the Mac remote build server straight from the command line on their Windows and Linux machines. And to top it off, our TACO CLI is 100% Cordova CLI compatible. So if you know how to use Cordova CLI, you already know how to use us!

A few weeks ago, a small number of you got a sneak peek at what we were cooking up at DroidCon (release 0.8.0). So far we have 65 unique users, 119 downloads and 18 customers signed up for our insiders program! We want to thank all those who are using our pre-release bits and providing us with your valuable feedback. Today (thanks largely to the feedback) we finished out the last of some of the features we had under development and addressed many usability and UI issues. Here are some of the top issues that we have fixed –

  • Better messaging around errors and telemetry
  • Fixed Templates for Ionic and Visual Studio interoperability
  • Fixed Dependency Installer issues for Mac

We are also actively listening to our customers and have fixed an issue reported on stack overflow with this new release.

Also, with this release, we have open-sourced our TACO CLI. If you run into any issues or have suggestions for new ones, please open an issue or better yet, send us a pull request. Learn more on how to create a pull request on GitHub.

We want invite you all to join in our journey to grow an active community of Cordova developers to build amazing apps using TACO! We want to hear from you on what you’d like to see, and maybe you are interested in testing pre-release versions of TACO before we release it into the wild. If you are interested in helping out or have ideas on what awesome features we should deliver next, please join our insiders program or post on StackOverflow. You can also ping me directly via e-mail at Do visit us at our TACO home page to get more details.

So, let’s get started. To install it, simply type the following into a terminal window:

npm install -g taco-cli

Note: If you are on OS X or Linux, you may need to use the sudo command to install with administrator privileges.


Subhag Oak

Subhag Oak, Senior Program Manager
Visual Studio Client Platform Tools Team

Subhag Oak is a Program Manager on the Visual Studio team, focusing on mobile app development technologies and Apache Cordova. Before being a PM, Subhag has worked as a developer for 12 years on a number of tooling features, all designed to make it easier for developers to build and debug applications using Visual Studio.


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